Ozark, Part Two

May 19, 2019

This week, we are back to our Ozarks transformation story, part two...the middle.  If you are just tuning in, you might want to follow this link to catch up on the beginning: Ozark, Part One.


Just to quickly catch up, we began working on this project in December of 2017, which meant that 2018 was full of planning, selecting finishes, materials, and paint colors.   But before we knew it, 2019 arrived, and our focus quickly changed from materials and finishes to lighting, interior layouts, and furniture selections.

Our charge was to help our clients create a lake home that was comfortable, welcoming, cohesive, modern with a rustic, industrial vibe, and lake-friendly.   Now it was time for us to help them translate that vision floor by floor and room by room.   


It was one of our greatest pleasures getting to know our clients, and by this time in the process, we understood a bit about their personal style...clean lines and not too fussy. Our K. Renee style team pulled together layouts with furniture options for each and every room.   



I won't say that selecting the core furniture and lighting in a home is the easy part, but I will say that these items are really just the beginning of the process. The next step is what I like to call the 'finishing touches' or the things that make a room go from being so-so to fabulous.  

For example, a room with a couple of chairs, a sofa, and a cocktail table isn't going to knock your socks off until you add some serious style with things like beautiful pillows (not the dull matchy-match ones that you typically see), throws, a rug, accessories, additional lighting, and art.

So once our clients selected the core pieces for their 5 bedrooms, 2 great rooms, kitchen, dining, and outdoor spaces, our team pulled together all the needed 'finishing touches' - rugs, pillows, bedding, art, lighting, throws, accessories (and more) to fully complete their home.    Now all that was left to do was to transport and to transform!

I could go on...but it will be much easier to show you than tell you.



Sorry, I had to do that. So, stay tuned for the final results in Ozark, Part 3 next week!    

And in the meantime, we seriously hope you can join us for our GRAND OPENING on Wednesday, June 5th.    Cocktails, canapés, conversation...giveaways, live music and more!    RSVP by hitting the link below!



Have a great week,