'Over the Moon' about Black & White

March 29, 2015

By Dana Luke

I couldn’t help to post this puppy!

He made my heart melt and laugh at the same time.   He is a great example for this week’s blog about my absolute love of black and white! 

These two color contrasts are something I have been drawn to most of my life. I gravitate to black & white in fashion, cars, TV, photographs, and of course HOME DÉCOR!    

It’s always classic, sophisticated, chic, and timeless.

A black and white interior is the most classic and compelling combination.  It will always be in style.  They look great when combined with other colors you love and want to add to the mix.  

The color black is associated with elegance and power while white is known for  purity and refinement.    A dynamic duo!    When combined well, a black and white interior scheme can take your breath away.    Despite the simplicity of these colors, there are so many styling possibilities!    

 Here are some of my favorite black and white options that we currently have on our floor...  

I really love this bone-inlay dresser in black and white chevron pattern!  

This amazing chest instantly adds interest and character to what could be an otherwise basic space.   With a high impact piece like this... keep your other accessories simple to allow for maximum visual impact.   How great is this abstract Black and White Wall Art?   Its bold brushstrokes will make a statement in any room of your home.   

A black and white room can be accentuated by incorporating great patterns and interesting textures.     Blend in both smooth and rough fabrics.     Fun bold printed pillows will really make a POW!

I think you should let this gorgeous Zig Zag ottoman get full attention in a room.    Because a bold pattern like this can get heavy fast, think about pairing it with solid fabrics.  

Books, Books, Books!!     I can’t tell you what an impact a book can do in your space.   This Dior book is by far one of my favorites in the store. 

Books can be used to dress up bookshelves, a tray, or be used as a simple accessory on your cocktail table!    There are endless possibilities for beautiful books in a home when it comes to decorating.

The bold repetition of stokes and lines in the art piece below is a great escape from everything else around you!  You can add accessories in any of your favorite metals such as gold or chrome.     It's spring, so add something green or natural to give it a fresh  pop of contrast!

Our love affair with the chevron stems from the graphic patterns that were popular in the 50s.    This must-have design element is translated into a striking accessory.    No room is complete without a touch of the classic.   

I had to add my favorite girl, Stacie,  in my blog this week.    She is always rocking her gorgeous black and white outfits. 

 Her outfits completely inspire me day to day.   And... she is also sitting in one of my favorite diamond shape black and white dining chairs.    Is she not just a doll?    And how great would this chair be at the end a dining table that needs a little punch?

So,  if you have the same love for black and white’s as I do… K. Renee has  great options for you.    I hope to see you all soon!    Thank you again for being such amazing customers... and remember you are beautiful!

Your Inspirista,