Outdoor Living Redefined

June 14, 2015

Breathe.    As I have finished up with a flurry of Spring events, I can now turn to Summer and breathe… just a little.   Last week, the entire K. Renee team rallied around me as I concluded a five year event benefitting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Iowa.   

It was a two part event.  The first being a gala held at the DuPont Pioneer Hanger where we entertained and served a great family dinner compliments of Formento's of Chicago.

The K. Renee team along with Innovative Events, created a beautiful venue complete with florals, 8 foot ceiling balloons and some of the best music (compliments of The Tony Ocean Band) I have had the pleasure of hearing in a long time.   The night was magical.

Thanks to my K. Renee family and team for all that you do to help me live my life beautifully!     

The second part of the event, was a golf tournament held at Des Moines Golf and Country Club.   We were given a beautiful summer day to host 260 golfers... and at the end of the day, we raised over $235,000 to benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Iowa!    A big thank you to all of our sponsors, customers, family and friends who supported these events and great cause.  I am forever grateful. 

Whew.    Now that my fund raising event is behind me... it is time to turn the remaining Summer days and enjoy as much of the outdoors as possible before old man winter begins his journey back to Iowa.    When I got back to the store last Tuesday after a few days off,  I was just in awe of what I saw.     A grouping of outdoor fully upholstered furniture that arrived.    In the days that I was gone, we had installed a sectional, canopied daybed, and swivel chairs to a beautiful backyard.    I thought to myself, "wow" now that is outdoor living at it's best.     Can I just spend the day reading a book and napping on that?   Please.

Gone are the days of metal and mesh outdoor furniture as your only option for your backyard oasis.   Yes, metal and mesh stands the test of time... but what if you had fully upholstered furniture that would hold up just as well?    Today, I want to introduce you to the possibility of extreme outdoor comfort that might just redefine your idea of outdoor living.  

Imagine lounging at your pool or outdoor space on this oversized daybed.     Now you might be saying... yah great.   But how practical is that in Iowa.   Very!    This line of upholstered outdoor furniture uses performance fabrics that are fade, stain, water, UV and Mildew resistant.    They are meant to withstand the natural outdoor elements.    

Yes.   Metal and mesh is not your only outdoor furniture solution.   The question that now needs to be answered is why not live as beautifully outside as you do inside?   No matter where you live.   

Perhaps you have a home at one of our beautiful regional lakes.  You wouldn't have a lake home if you didn't want to fully live and entertain outdoors.    Why not do it with great comfort and style?

Or are you more about the natural beauty that surrounds your home?    You've worked hard to bring your landscaping to life and it is meant to be enjoyed and admired.  I could sit for hours in this backyard in these comfortable chairs.

Creating an intimate and welcoming entertaining space in your back yard is so inspiring and motivating.     It reminds us how important it is to create moments with family and friends.   You can't help but invite people over for a great bottle of wine and interesting conversation with this great space in your yard.    

Not all of us have huge outdoor spaces.   As a matter of fact, many of you have turned to loft living and smaller spaces.     A few well selected pieces will bring a magical outdoor living space come to life... no  matter where you live.

Now at the point you might be thinking... that all sound fine and wonderful... but how do you care for these beautiful pieces?    Easy.   If you choose slipcovered pieces, remove them and throw in your washing machine.    Yes, you can even use bleach and detergent on them.      If you choose the fully upholstered pieces, simply spray them with the cleaning agent of your choice (bleach too), use a soft bristle brush to scrub and rinse with a water hose.     And then simply let them dry naturally.     Not only is this outdoor furniture option nature friendly... but kid and pet friendly too!

We encourage you to come see a few of these pieces for yourself where you can feel the comfort and begin reimagining your own outdoor space.   These swivel chairs are something to see... and if we didn't have them outdoors, you would swear they were meant for indoor.    Heck, you could just as easily furnish a space inside your home with them and have the option to move them outside for a party whenever the occasion arrises.     

How fun are these outdoor barrel chairs?   Perfect for a smaller space!

We have lots of Sunbrella fabric options... from our favorite white's to deep charcoal and everything in between.      This particular vendor generally can create your perfect outdoor furniture in 4 to 6 weeks.    Just in time for end of the summer parties and the indian fall days that will soon be upon us.  

As you stand looking outside at your own outdoor space... if you have hopes and dreams for it that are just not being realized, we'd love to help you bring your space to life.       Stop by and take a sit.    We promise... you'll be inspired.