Opening New Doors

October 1, 2018

Happy October 1st.   I am always shocked at how quickly time passes and this time of year seems to move even quicker with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas just around the corner.


It would make it a lot easier for me to write a blog every week if I had all of the answers. But like all of you, I absolutely do not. I usually write about what is swirling through my mind the week before and perhaps what I am struggling with myself.   This week, 'opening doors' has been on my mind.



We have been privileged over the last six years to have many of our clients open their doors to our style team to help them accomplish something new, unexpected and beautiful in their homes.  It has been an amazing and rewarding journey.



And I know that opening the door to us isn’t always that easy.    The invitation into your home isn’t taken lightly by our team.  We are beyond grateful for each and every opportunity we have been given.

What can I learn from those of you who have taken a chance and opened a door to a new opportunity?    You are the people who have been willing and ready to tackle what happens next in your home often overcoming the fear that accompanies change. (Mad props.)

But what has really been on my mind are doors left unopened.  And why.



A door, of course, is simply my visual image for many things…

  • A new look for your home
  • A new opportunity or job
  • A leap of faith
  • Or a new situation (of many kinds)

There are probably two or three drivers for why doors of opportunity or change remain unopened.   And the first is a pretty good one.

Contentment.  True contentment defined as a state of happiness and satisfaction.     This is a fabulous place to be!


In regards to the home, I can tell you first hand that finally having a home that is satisfying... I don’t feel compelled to constantly change things up despite the fact that I get a daily dose of the most amazing home furnishings and new possibilities.   


Instead, I wander around our showroom and simply get excited for someone else to be able to take advantage of all the options and new looks that arrive in our incredible showroom.   

I think the same thing holds true for other aspects of our lives, when we have true contentment - we don’t constantly think the grass is greener on the other side. And wish for other things.

But the other two factors for leaving doors unopened aren’t quite so beautiful and in fact, often leave us with a swirl of challenging emotions. And those two reasons seem to be resigned contentment (or complacency) and just plain old fear.


So again let’s relate this to our homes.   Why do we leave things as they are when we really don’t care for the way it is?

Maybe it’s...

  • We don’t know what we want.

  • We don’t know how to do it.

  • We are scared that the cost to do something will be higher than the reward we will feel.

  • We are unsure of what we really want.

  • It gives us anxiety to tackle all of the above.

I think way too often we are paralyzed by the fear of the unknown and this fear does everything it can to keep things just the way they are...


And I say this as much to myself as I say to you, welcoming our fears is always the best way to conquer it - over and over again.

So again, let’s relate this to our home.   What can you do?

Do something different.

Baby steps if you need. If we begin by changing or working on one small thing, we take ourselves off of autopilot.   Yes, it might make you feel uncomfortable, but it is a small thing that might lead to big changes.

We had dinner the other night with a leading architect in town and we asked him what he did to market his very successful firm.    I thought his answer was insightful. He said he invited potential clients to hire him for a small and not very risky project where his team could show them their commitment to relationships and the quality of their project.  


He had ultimate faith that one single experience would result in more work and larger projects.  And he has successfully built his practice on this very principle.  Smart man.

So I would invite you to do the same at K. Renee Home.    Start with something small with us. Let us help you build a new grouping of accessories for your cocktail table or tackle a small room.  


I promise you will be inspired and at the end of that experience, it is our hope you will feel like you have a team of people that care about you and can successfully help you through any fears and concerns you may have.

Catalog your fears.

I think it's important to get to know what is holding you back.   What are your fears and anxieties?   Sit in your home or the situation and notice all the fearful and anxious thoughts that come to mind.   It’s a good beginning.

Say your fears out loud.     

A fear needs to rise to let it go or do something about it.   We give our fear power by trying to hide them or masking them in resigned contentment.  Just say it.  

And perhaps the most import action...

Accept help.

If you have certain fears about your home and making changes to it (when you truly want to do something different), it always helps to get help.   It is our job to build a relationship with you. To get to know your heart's desire, help you overcome and work with your fears. Consider us your style therapists.





Sometimes you just can’t get from point A…



To point B, without a helping hand.




Before my journey with K. Renee Home, I felt that I could create an inspired interior on my own (I’m stubborn.)    But I couldn’t. Even today, I don’t make big changes to my home unless I consult with our team. They can see things I don’t and challenge me where needed.   Learning to accept help only makes me better.

One of the things that I am most proud of today is the outcomes that we have achieved in helping our clients with their homes.   


“We could not be happier! K. Renee did our dining room, living, and family room and we LOVE it all. Every time we come home we just stop and think how lucky we are to live here. Stacie and Kelli really made our house the home we had envisioned. Our next project is the master bedroom and I'm sure it will be lovely. We highly recommend these great people. They are talented and friendly and magically put everything together to "tell your story". And they make it so easy. If you are ready for a re-do, do not hesitate to contact K. Renee. You'll be glad you did!”

I'll wrap up by saying this to you as much as I say to myself, the other side of fear is fearlessness.   Being driven by fear or settling with resigned contentment is not enough for me nor you. To get moving along again, sometimes we simply need a helping hand now and again.   

The one thing I am most certainly confident about in my life today is that K. Renee can be the helping hand you need as you open the door of making your home dreams come true.   I promise you’ll be inspired.


Here’s to making baby steps to a beautiful life.

Always a work in progress,