One Less Thing To Worry About

June 28, 2015

I was in Chicago this past weekend with 18 of my sorority sisters from college.  And we had a blast catching up and picking up right where we left off many, many years ago.    Some of them I have not seen in almost 30 years.   How does that happen?

It is this thing called life, families, jobs, and everyday responsibilities.   Time to do things like travel and participate in 'girl' trips often takes a back burner to the overwhelming list of things we want and need to get done.   One of my team mates, Lana Jones Gould, often says that if we could buy time... it would be on the top of her list. 

As I talked to my old friends about what I was doing back in Des Moines, I had the pleasure of telling them that I was part of a clothing and home store that offers products and services devoted to Living Life Beautifully™.

A couple of my friends confessed that they had a desire to update and improve their homes but never could find the time or inspiration to get it done.    I shared with them that we had both (time and inspiration) at K. Renee.    And the question then quickly turned to  ' Just how does it work at K. Renee when you are not sure how to begin?'

One of the things we pride ourselves on at K. Renee is making the process of transforming your space as smooth, simple and as timely as you are comfortable with.

So, let's take a look at how it all can get done... your way.

Step One:   A Declaration & A Conversation

All you have to do is declare "I want a new look."   And a conversation begins with our stylists.     You will likely talk about things like:

  • What rooms are you considering?
  • What would you like to see different?   Or the same.
  • What kinds of pieces in the store are resonating with you the most.
  • When do you want to get it done?

We work with customers who are building or remodeling and have several months to pick things out.... to customers who want a room or several rooms installed and completed in just a few days. 

The timeline is always up to you…but our motto is that if you are ready for a change, we are stocked and ready to get it done and give you one less thing to worry about!

Step Two:  Set Up An In-home Consultation

It is so important to visit your home to really get a feel for the space and its possibilities.     As we measure your rooms and take pictures, we also get a first hand view of how you live in your home and what really matters to you.    

Step Three: Space Plan and Put Together a Beautiful Vision For Your Home

Once we have pictures and measurements in hand, our team starts planning.  We always like to present a few different options to consider and it is really helpful to use 2D and 3D tools to make sure selected furniture pieces will work well in your space.

Step Four:  Set Up An In-Store Meeting to Present Our Interpretation of Your Vision

Now this is the fun part!   Once we have visited your home, studied your pictures, thought about your needs and finished our space planning, it is time to show you the actual furniture pieces that we have in mind.

Because we stock to sell, we always have a hearty variety of sofas, sectionals, chairs, ottomans, cocktail, dining and side tables... ready and waiting for just the right home.    You get to not only see your final selections but sit in them as well to make sure they are as comfortable as they look.   

Step Five:  Modify and Customize the Vision

We will always present you with what we believe will work best for your home...but you ultimately choose the things that you love most.   We can also pull together an entire room of your selections and stage it in our store to help you visualize it in your own home.     You might want to see the sofa that you selected with different chairs.    No problem.   We will continue to build your room in-store until you are completely satisfied.

Step Six:   Determine the Final Budget

Once we have selected your major pieces, we will present a proposal that includes these items along with all the accessories, rugs, art pieces, pillows and throws that you will need to totally complete your room.      I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the cost to finish your room from floor to ceiling!   And we offer interest-free financing products that make it even easier to finally get it done.

Step Seven:   Set Up 'The Day'  To Install Your New Space

The last step in the process is to set up the day that our team will arrive and install your new room or rooms.   We  place your furniture and rugs, hang your pictures, and add all the final touches.   

I really believe that every person deserves to have a moment in their life where someone takes care of everything and delivers you a room that you could not have imagined having in your home.   And once done, could not imagine it any other way.   It takes my breath away each time that we get the opportunity to do it!   

It is really not a complicated process to create beautiful spaces especially when you have several warehouses full of unique and wonderful options of furniture, upholstery, artwork, rugs and accessories instantly available.   

As a matter of fact, K. Renee is going to be furnishing one of the homes (Home 3)  in the 2015 Home Show that will be held this year in Ankeny, Iowa.     

We are scheduled to furnish a kitchen, living room, dining room, master bedroom, basement area, guest room and add lighting throughout the house later this week.      We did not special order one item that will ultimately go in the our home show house.   And  I really can't tell you exactly what it will look like until it gets done.     However, I can tell you it will be beautiful, comfortable and inspiring.    I hope you come out and see us at the show or anytime at our home... K. Renee.

Our team would really love to give you  "one less thing to worry about" in your life and help you with all of your style needs from your home to your wardrobe.   Perhaps it will buy you a little extra time to do something fun for yourself.