One For Me, One For You

October 30, 2017

One of the principles of our lifestyle business is create a place that serves as an inspiration wonderland for our customers.   Whether that means unique room scenes in our showroom so you can better visualize how your own home could be the essence of casual elegance...or by helping you create a personal style that get you noticed in the best of ways.

inspiratation wonderland

It also means finding and bringing back to Des Moines unexpected clothing, furniture, accessories, rugs, pillows, jewelry and other amazing things that we find inspiring and that you can’t find anywhere else but K. Renee.   

Today, I have two amazing finds curated from an invitation only showroom in New York City to share with you today. And will make you think to yourself...

One for you, one for me!


The first is Baobab Collection candles.   


Baobab Collection  

exclusively at K.renee


Their candles are renowned for their size and designs. Inspired by faraway places and wild nature, Belgium is Baobab Collection’s home and where their new creations are dreamt up.

Baobab Collection at K. Renee

Each candle is a sensory experience - by sight, smell and touch.    Manufactured by the very best artisans,  every candle is hand-poured into a glass vessel that is hand-blown by master craftsmen, making each one completely unique.

The Baobab Collection is particularly known for the different sizes of candles they produce, including the largest size which stands at over 14 inches tall and burns for an astonishing 800 hours.

 And the aromas...let me tell you about each.

 White Pearls

White Pearls

For centuries, white pearls have been seen as symbols of purity and love. Its vessel is sprinkled with light pink and white fragments inspired by the perfection of the pearl, also known as “tears of the gods.”  This candle has a delicate and floral scent. Imagine smelling Jasmine.  

Black Pearls

Black Pearls

Inspired by the fascinating pearls of Tahiti, whose shimmer can range from a silvery grey to anthracite.   This candle is defined by its dark and mysterious appearance with a scent that is both strong and subtle.   A  unique blend of ginger and black rose.



Platinum is the epitome of sophistication. Inspired by the rarest metal on Earth, its silver white color vessel is lovely.  The amber and musky scent is enriched with a grapefruit extract.  A masculine ambiance that is as elegant as it is powerful.

Feathers Black

Feathers Black

Black feathers dance across the opalescent glass of this amazing candle.  The scent is both masculine and feminine and creates a romantic landscape.   Hmm.    I can think of a few people that this candle would be perfect for!  Its scent is a blend of the black rose and the strength of Oud Wood.  I had too look up Oud Wood only to find out that it is one of the most rare, precious, and expensive ingredients in a perfumer's arsenal...also used in Tom Ford's perfume "Oud Wood."   Might have to try that too!

  Disco Donna

Disco Donna

This limited edition candle is an ode to Donna Summers, the queen of Disco.    Remember her epic songs “I Feel Love” and “Hot Stuff?”   Its perfume draws its inspiration from the recording studios of that era, where the smell of old leather chairs collided with the bewitching scent of tuberose.  Intriguing, right?

Disco Tina

Disco Tina

Channel Tina Turner for just a moment.   A queen of soul who brought her unique flair to the Disco era. This candle pays homage to her complex personality, as a woman who was both strong and fragile at times. I am particularly fond of the handmade metallic glass vessel with its fascinating blend of colors ranging from a powder pink to blue.   Its scent is a wonderful combination made up of bergamot (citrus), cedar, and musk.

 And then there is the fabulous limited edition Jungle Safari Collection.   These candles will also add a level of sophistication to your interior decor and make great gifts for the gents.

Jungle Safari Collection

Jungle Safari Collection

 They are just gorgeous.   Let me tell you more about each...


This collection features metal vessels finished with leather and a print representing its inspiration.  The Giraffe inspires this candle with a spicy, woody scent with cinnamon and candied lemon fragrance notes.  


This candle bears the iconic cheetah print.   A perfect fashion statement for any interior. Actually all three of the candles in this collection feature a similar spicy and woody scent that include cinnamon, patchouli, and lemon.


The Zebrine candle might just be the most stylish of the Jungle Safari collection.  A wild and mysterious candle, just like Zebra from which it draws its inspiration. 


These candles are the ultimate gift to yourself and for anyone special in your life.   Each candle is a handcrafted object.   The hand-blown glass ensures each vessel is one of a kind.   The candle wax is poured by hand. And the limited edition Jungle Safari collection is upholstered with Italian leathers and assembled by craftsmen.   And all the fragrances are developed in Grasse, the historical center of perfumery.   All I have to say is...

One for me, one for you




The second product that we bring for your pleasure is a forward-thinking organic yet luxury cosmetic line, Kjaer Weis.

Kjaer Weis

Cosmetic line?     Yes, this is not a typical product for us, but who wants to be typical?

While Kelli was as the same New York showroom that she found the candles, she heard the story of New York-based makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis.   As an in-demand makeup artist, Kristen found that her clients were sacrificing the health of their skin by using irritating, synthetic makeup.    She was on photoshoots every day, and saw first hand allergic reactions, itchy eyes, and faces breaking out in reaction to makeup. She wondered why we accepted this?   And the natural makeup she had access to just wasn’t up to par in performance.   She found her inspiration.  

Kirsten Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis ensures that not only are all their ingredients Certified Natural or Certified Organic, but that they always reach the standards of luxury beauty. That means makeup that really works and works with your skin, not against it.

I was all ears when I heard we were bringing in this line.   Because low and behold my eyelids and under-eye area have begun to show signs of being allergic to cosmetics.    Itchy, dry and cracking skin is not something that is all that becoming and for me, going without make up is even less!   Not going to happen.     So I was excited to try…

Kirsten Kjaer Weis

Kelli  brought in six different products from this line to give us all a taste of what is possible in a luxury yet natural cosmetic line.  

The first is…

The Beautiful Oil


The Beautiful Oil ($225)

Featuring Dioscorea Batatas, a bright white root with small white flowers and a subtle fragrance of cinnamon, it’s been called “The Root of Light”, used in traditional medicinal practices from China to Ancient Greece. This ingredient activates an inner vitality to awaken our skin’s natural light.   It also combines a luxurious blend of wild rose, sweet almond seed, olive and jojoba seed oils.  The Beautiful Oil does more than hydrate, it is said to transform.

You can use this oil night or day as a facial moisturizer, and as a primer for foundation. It can also be integrated with body care, an effective aid to reduce sun damage, stretch marks, and promote overall skin health. 

My Notes: I have this oil on right now and feel like I have finally found something that can really give me the hydration that my skin so needs right now!     


Cream Blush ($56) (Three Shades)

Cream Blush

The blush blends beautifully on my cheeks.  Enough to give me a healthy touch of color with a dewy finish.   And again, its organic ingredients work with the skin not against.  Castor seed oil, Beeswax and Jojoba Seed Oil nourish and moisturize, Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil fights signs of aging (Yah!),  with powerful antioxidants that work as a natural preservative.


My Notes: Smooth and easy to put on.  Great color that lasts throughout the day.


Highlighter ($56)  (Two Shades)


The highlighter cream formula adds a smooth, silky, "just kissed by the sun" finish.  Radiance's  warm pearl color also lends itself to use as a cream eye shadow, either by itself or on top of a darker eye shadow for a subtle, iridescent finish. And then we have a warm, golden tone, Ravishing which is made to illuminate and brighten all skin colors, including olive and darker toned complexions like mine.


 My notes:  This product works great right below the eyebrow and on top of the cheek bone for a nice shimmer of light.



Mascara ($38)


They say this mascara is a true game-changer. The long-lasting formula glides on easily, creating incredible length and volume to lashes. Specially designed wand applies just the right amount of mascara for a natural, clump free look.  

My notes:  I haven't personally tried this...but I will!




Lipstick ($56) (Two Shades)



Color-drenched coverage made from the finest organic ingredients. Using the warmth of your lips to activate a silky smooth rush of color, this lipstick delivers a perfect, velvety finish packed with nourishing elements like shea butter, rosehip, and jojoba oil.

My Notes:  The lipstick is really activated with warmth.  When I first put this lipstick on (cool) it seemed a little dry.  As soon as it warmed up I loved the feel on my lips and really does have a smooth and long-lasting finish.   



Lip Tint ($49) (Two Shades)

Lip Tint

This lip tint is all about the moisture with a modern, not-too-shiny finish. Beeswax nourishes and moisturizes, Jojoba Seed Oil adds moisture to the skin, Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil regenerative properties help reduce wrinkles, Gardenia Florida Fruit Extract works as a natural preservative.

My notes:  I used this in the morning when I just wanted a casual finished look.   It did the trick.





The other great thing about this cosmetic line is that the packaging is luxurious, hearty and sustainable.   The packaging itself is not recyclable but it is made to be refillable.   Once you buy the original blush, highlighter, lipstick or can purchase refills that snap in perfectly.   

I am a bit of a make up junkie.    And I am loving this new line and can't wait to explore it more.    When you come in to take a look, I would be happy to share what I know about the line and get you pointed in the right direction.   

And the holidays are going to be upon us before we know can't go wrong by picking up a few of our very special candles that might just be the best gift in town.