Once in a Blue Moon

April 29, 2019

It happens to everyone at some time in our lives — you have an idea of what you want to do in your home, and you begin to hunt for all the individual pieces.

You spot a glamorous sofa with feminine curves in a velvety upholstery.   And you even get to choose your fabric in a color range (displayed on your computer monitor.)   It is going to be perfect in your room, right?    


Maybe this works once in a blue moon.



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It always seems that when those perfectly imperfect online purchases arrive... the color is just not what you thought...and/or your family tells you how uncomfortable it is because you bought it “sit unseen.”    

You're left saying, What was I thinking? Where did I go wrong? What do I do?

Unfortunately, this happened to a new client of ours who clearly knew that she wanted a glamorous, feminine living room and thought she could undoubtedly find all the pieces that she envisioned for the room.   But as the ordering commenced, she became increasingly frustrated on how the room would really come together as she desired in her beautiful new home.



So, she began shopping again, this time locally.    Our client describes her experience better than I...

“After spending hours and hours wandering around Des Moines big box home furnishing stores, we were becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of style and sophistication we were envisioning for our new home.  Then we found you and the team at K Renee.” 

Thanks to our client's mother, who said to her frustrated daughter, how about that place with the two ladies who promise you’ll be inspired?  


Thanks, MOM!!   We owe ya one.  

One Saturday afternoon (a couple of weeks ago), our client and her Mom wandered into our store and fell in love with the look and feel of our showroom.  We decided the best strategy would be to set up an in-home appointment the next week so we could look at the room, measure and talk about needs and wants.  

“We found such a sense of relief when we walked in the showroom and saw the gorgeous, timeless selections of home furnishings. The team of designers were fantastic listeners as we shared our vision.  From there, the design team visited our home and the consultation was easy, quick and encouraging.”

Once we had a chance to visit the home, our creative team began to design a presentation that met all of her wants, needs, and desire for the overall style.

Both our client and her husband got a chance to look at and sit in their potential furnishings as well as collaborate on the overall vision of their room.   It quickly became apparent which pieces they both loved...and the only thing left was to find a good time to install their new living space from top to bottom.

Our client had a special guest that was arriving to see their new home the following Friday, so we cleared our schedule to make sure we got it done in time for the weekend festivities.

"The delivery and set up was accompanied by the owners of K Renee to ensure that our room was perfect from top to bottom."


The room was a beautiful blank slate (the other furnishings found a new home in another room) and our team got to work.



A 'just arrived' piece of artwork set the tone of the feminine and glamorous look our client longed for and her family loved the comfort and coziness of an all-white sectional.   Never fear, the sectional has the ever durable Sunbrella fabric that is both stain and sun resistant.


The family also wanted to add a TV to this front living room so that they could all be together. We decided to add a fabulous black media cabinet which allows them the flexibility to hang a TV on the wall or sit on top.  


The beautiful blush chairs, pillows, and accessories completed their desire for this lovely and welcoming room.


We couldn't have been happier with the result.   From not just our point of view, but more importantly, our clients...

"We cannot thank you enough for bringing K Renee's signature style into our home.  I wish we would have found you years ago because by now, we'd have our entire home styled by your team. We look forward to working together with K Renee on our master bedroom and dining room. K Renee turns houses into exquisite, beautiful, welcoming homes.  Every single detail is perfect and we owe it all to you and your team."

Luckily, it is never once in a blue moon that we can help you find just the right pieces and install a gorgeous room...in just a matter of days.


“Thank you so much to you and the entire team at K. Renee for making our dream home come to life.”

We thank YOU for allowing us to work our magic. Have a wonderful week!   Our team is off to the Lake of the Ozarks this week to install a gorgeous lake home!   Stay tuned.