Nouveau Départ

December 28, 2020

At the end of this week, we thankfully get to close the chapter of 2020 and enter 2021 with hopes of a 'nouveau départ' (French meaning 'a fresh start.')



While I never want to repeat a year like 2020, there were many blessings to reflect on.   In the midst of the tragedy and havoc created world-wide, the pandemic has also taught us all a thing or two that we can carry into 2021 and beyond.

The year 2020 taught us that life is fragile. The present is where we must live fully and with great intention.  

We rediscovered that we can find happiness and joy in simple things.   

It is so apparent that good relationships are the foundation of our happiness. During these past months, immediate families have spent more time with each other. That is good! And we realized just how special it is to share time with good friends.  

Slowing down has given us a chance to self-reflect and decide how we want to live going forward. 



We learned that our homes play an essential role in our lives and can bring us comfort and joy.   

And we have also learned how important it is to create things in our lives to look forward to doing!

I am certainly looking forward to a better year for all in 2021.  

All across the globe, different cultures will be practicing their own traditions to start our new beginning off on the right foot!   

If you are like me, you will be ringing in the new year at home quietly. But I have selected some of my favorite do-able lucky traditions for a little extra good fortune in the new year! It certainly can't hurt, right? 


On New Year's Eve, I will eat…




In Spain, eating 12 grapes at midnight is believed to bring good luck for every month in the upcoming year. The grapes must be consumed before midnight expires. I'm in!

While I am eating my grapes, I will also...




In the Philippines, people open all the doors and windows in their homes at midnight, so bad vibes clear out, and good luck can come inside!  Sure, it might be cold, but just a minute of some fresh air might make the magic work!

On New Year's Day, there are a few more traditions to follow…


No tears on January 1st. It is said that crying on the first day of the new year will set the tone for the next 12 months!  Yikes.  I won't be watching any Hallmark movies!




Asian cultures believe that tidying up around the house on New Year's Day will clean away the good luck that we've stored up for the new year. No sweeping, laundry, vacuuming. I'm in! I sense a Netflix binge coming on!


It is said that one should refrain from eating lobster and chicken on January 1st as it might mess up our luck in the new year.  Because chickens have wings, our good luck could fly away. And since lobsters walk backward, eating one might hold good fortune back.



Pork dishes might be just the thing on new years day. According to the reader's digest, the pig is associated with fortune and prosperity.  Eating some bacon or pork chops can bring on such much needed good luck. 

Now, these are just fun little cultural traditions that support our desire for a better 2021. The real work starts as we make decisions for ourselves as to just how we can accomplish a fresh start.    

2020 has been full of helping clients create a home environment that provides comfort, functionality, and inspiration. We hear time and time again how much a difference it has made to be in a home that feels and looks good.  It makes being at home a pleasure instead of feeling like a punishment.



We look forward to helping even more of you accomplish a fresh start for your home in 2021.   

I am also beginning to hear our clients' frustration of turning to a closet of the same old, same old, and being stuck in a style rut. Yes, purchasing new clothing for a world where we are not going anywhere has taken the back-burner for many. Yet, this lack of excitement of putting on something fresh and wonderful that makes us look and feel great has an impact on our personal mojo.    

I loved seeing the holiday family pictures over the weekend where some of you had decided to take back the night by getting dressed up to celebrate the holidays even though you were just at home.  Cocktail dresses, suits, heels, jewelry, and a sparkle in each person's eye. With that in mind, what will you be wearing as we kiss 2020 goodbye?  Put on something festive to celebrate the end of chapter!



Feeling good about the way we look and feel brings on a much-needed sense of optimism. Something I look forward to seeing more and more of in the New Year!    

As this new year draws close, I hope that it is filled with the promises of a hopeful tomorrow for all of you!