NOT The Perfect Time is Just PERFECT!

September 13, 2015

You may have noticed that we’ve been using a tag line  “Living Life Beautifully”  for a while now.    So, I thought I would share with you what that means to us and what it might mean to you.

Living Life Beautifully is a personal challenge to each and everyone one of us to do all that we can in the moment to reach for the things that bring a little more contentment, comfort and happiness into our lives.

Living Life Beautifully does not mean waiting for life to be perfect before we decide to look our best or to create a home that we really enjoy.   I can’t tell you how many times I've heard my friends and our customers say… “Someday when the kids grow up, I’ll create my dream home” or “When I lose a few pounds, I’ll buy the clothes I really want.”   I say 'No'.   

The hard fact of life is that if we wait for the perfect figure, the perfect house or the perfect time to start living life beautifully, the perfect time will never arrive.   Life has this funny way of throwing unexpected twists and obstacles in our way.   

Let me give you a fun example.  Our creative team decided to create a video look book of our fall fashion combining it with some textural elements from our home store.   Our inspiration was an equestrian theme.   Yes, it might have been easier to pull together some great looks in our home store using some fantastic hides and rich leather textures… but we decided that we needed to go on location to truly capture the look and feel of living life beautifully.

We happened to have a connection at the Wildwood Hills Ranch of Iowa, a 400-acre non-profit facility, set in the scenic hills of Madison County, just south of Des Moines. This unique horse ranch offers free summer camp and year round retreats to at-risk children from ages 8 to 18.   A pretty amazing place which I encourage all of you to check out at

The ranch graciously agreed to allow us to shoot on their grounds and with their beautiful horses.  Perfect, right?    Well.... the day of our scheduled shoot happened to be one of the hottest days of our Indian Summer… it was a balmy 95 degree day and we were asking our fearless transport team  (Primarily Jeff and Travis) to load up our home truck with furniture, rugs, lighting and clothes for a funny little video that we wanted to shoot. 

Needless to say, they were not thrilled at the prospect and suggested that we should wait for the perfect day (70 degrees, slightly overcast, nice breeze) to shoot our Fall & Winter style video.

But we all knew in our heart of hearts that if we waited we would never get it done… between the home store’s heavy home transformation schedule and the clothing store’s upcoming special events… our only option was that one very hot, hot day.  Not the perfect time was just perfect!

I have to give a special shout out to Jeff and Travis.   While they may think the rest of us fashionistas are crazy, they always come through… whether that means loading and lifting incredibly heavy furniture or hanging light fixtures into trees.  And they do it all with grace, laughter and quiet strength. 

With a truck full of furniture, a wonderful assortment of fall looks and our beautiful staff of ladies that would be featured in our style video... we headed to the hills.


Kelli created an outdoor oasis...

We cued the horses...

And dressed our beautiful team... Dana (Home Stylist) , Kasey (Marketing/Merchandising), Rachel (Marketing/Merchandising) and Stacie (Home Stylist).     

And we began shooting stills and video on this not perfect, but beautiful day!

We hope you enjoy the end result of our perfectly imperfect Fall & Winter style story.     And here's to living life beautifully each and every day!