Neutrals are In. When Were They Out?

June 18, 2017

Yesterday in our weekly store team meeting, we had this great discussion about how we think it’s kind of funny that we keep hearing (press, publications & other design firms) how “neutrals” are on trend and IN for home furnishings.




But when were they ever out?   



Kelli said it best,

“For twenty-six years in our clothing store we have been focused on offering our customers elevated neutrals - black, cream, white, beige, grey and tans.  That has been the one true consistency at K. Renee.    Neutrals are the best and most beautiful way to elevate and extend the life of a wardrobe.   Our home division has and will always share this same philosophy.”  





An appreciation for neutrals in your home and in your wardrobe started long before what seems to have become a popular trend. For K. Renee it is a timelessly stylish choice knowing that it provides the most longevity and flexibility in your wardrobe and in your home.  Really, there is not much difference between fashion and home!  

Have you ever heard someone say that a gorgeous black jacket is out of style?


I had a jacket like this 30 years ago and will likely have one like it 30 years from now.   Or have you ever read that a rich off-white sofa is a design mistake?  


No.   That doesn’t happen.  Simply put, neutrals are smart not trendy.  



The ultimate catch 22 is that we all want to be current and modern, right?   And when we invest, we don’t want the things that we choose to be outdated in two or three years.     Neutrals are your secret ingredient.  

And the trick is to balance fresh and new with timelessness.    So how do you do that?     Consider these five principles:



1.   Choose neutral foundations

Your expensive items should be meant to last...flooring, furniture, cabinets, appliances, suits, slacks, jackets...the list goes on.   You may be thinking that sounds boring...or you love color!!      At one time, you might have dreamed of a bold patterned sofa with some great blue accent chairs.   And you loved it (for awhile.)


But after a few years it might just start wearing you down.   Why?   Because you can’t change much because the colors and pattern are so specific.   And then the trend….well, it’s over.     

 Love your patterns and colors, but put them where it is easier to change.  

2.   Choose the side of time

If you wonder if you will grow tired of that orange sofa, bold patterned chair or head-to-toe florals (so on trend this year)...that is your answer.  You will.


Unless you have the budget to revamp your home or closet every few years, add these fun splashes in less expensive ways.   

3. Go Ahead... Incorporate Fun Trends  

But do it in accents or in a piece of clothing that you are okay having for just a couple of years.  No matter how you slice it, trendy patterned and colored furniture is a risky move. You are likely going to feel that you have to live with it longer than the trend. 

If you love a trend or print, buy pillows; paint walls, buy a fun blouse.   But always keep your investment items more neutral and timeless.  

Not every piece within your home must fall within the "timeless" category. In fact, following the latest trends can help you keep your decor and your closet fresh and fun. 

4.  Look for clean lines

Anything that is overly ornate, detailed or strong in one particular color (other than a neutral)  will go out of style faster than something with clean lines. Especially think about this if you are remodeling or building a home and have to choose structural items such as tile, cabinets and flooring.

Or when you decide to invest in a great suit.   Choose the one with simple, classic lines instead of on trend characteristics.

Which one do you think you will you grow tired of first?  This or that?

Really, we DO love the beauty, calmness and serenity of a completely neutral room.    But buying neutrals doesn't mean that has to be YOUR home story.    Go ahead, bring the color on. Just consider using it where it is easier to change.    

Paint your walls.    We are!  


Add some bright art work!   We are.    

Go for that hot pink blouse.   We are. 

Change up your accessories and pillows.    We are!  Just don’t invest the largest portion of your budget into things that lack versatility.   

It's also important to pick what you love , regardless of trends, which is the last and final thing for you to always consider when buying for your closet and your home.

5.  Pick items you like - regardless of trends

There are certain things that I love, regardless of what is trending now.    No one is ever going to tell me that these shoe are out of style.   


Yes, I know.   Flats and comfort are IN.  



But sorry, classic (and modern) heels of all kinds will always be my go-to for my personal style.   And besides, with my size 10 feet, any shoe with too much going on makes me feel a little like Herman Munster.   


And yes, I know.   Industrial style lighting and Edison bulbs are in (or are they out?)  And while there are always beautiful fixtures in every category, I like bling.  



No one will ever be able to convince me that crystals on chandeliers are out.   They are always in for me. Bottom line, what you wear and how you live in your home should make you happy, regardless of trend.   And on that note,