My Perfectly Imperfect Outlook on Fashion and Home Decor

November 16, 2014

By Dana Luke

I remember growing up with my parents and our home was obnoxiously spotless. We had a white kitchen and you could literally eat off my mother’s floor. Her white carpet had precisely vacuumed marks and “NO” shoes were allowed.

However, my bedroom was a different story.

There was spilled nail polish on the carpet and super glue on my dresser. My clothes were half on hangers and scattered on the floor. It sure was hard being a girl and trying to decide what to wear. Who has time to pick up the mess of misfits? I really just wanted to throw them away and have my parents buy me new. When I would ask for new clothes they would comically suggest that I get a job. Haha, weren’t they hilarious?

Let’s now fast forward to the present.

I have had an exciting, fun, sad, and humbling journey so far. I guess those experiences are what makes us beautiful. Each of us have a story underneath our appearance. We all evolve overtime, in our personal lives and with our style. I am briefly going to share with you a few changes in my fashion and home style.

Growing up I was one of those kids that lived for name brands. You remember, Pepe, Guess, and of course, Z Cavaricci. Oops, I guess I have not changed that much because I still enjoy brands like Rachel Zoe, Max Mara, Theory and Vince. Before, I wore name brands for others… just wanting to fit in. Now, I wear clothes to suit myself.

Over time, I’ve learned to enjoy wearing beautiful clothes that work best for my body type and that I feel confident and comfortable wearing. Much like furnishing a home, building a solid wardrobe can be both daunting and costly.

Shopping for fun, trendy pieces versus investing in classic items is a debate many of us struggle with. We constantly find ourselves with a growing pile of impulse purchases that we barely wear. Meanwhile, day after day, event after event, we expectantly return to the quality items that always look classic and have been shown to stand the test of time.

Here are the wardrobe investments that I recommend…

Boots – tall/over-the knee, mid, and ankle booties

Classic neutrals colors are what I would recommend selecting. Don’t forget we live in IOWA and we all get to enjoy freezing temperatures and snow. Boots are a must have!

Something leather

Jacket, dress or pants, you decide. Need an ego boost? You will be amazed by what a little bit of leather can do in your life.

A perfect white tee

It doesn’t get much more classic than this. Throw a cozy sweater, jacket or cardigan over it and you have an effortless look.

Black heels

They are so versatile and reliable… great with any outfit or occasion.

Black dress

You never have to worry about being unfashionable because it’s always in style. It’s the ultimate classic choice.

Let’s talk home décor shall we? My very first apartment was furnished with stolen merchandise. Don’t gasp yet, it was MY bedroom furniture so rightfully it was mine. At that point in my life if it wasn’t tied down, I was in the market for it. AKA…FREE! Honestly, I did collect many beautiful things and my little 600 square foot apartment was cozy and more importantly mine! I was living the American dream – free and on my own.

As time moved on, I moved to Chicago to pursue a Fashion degree, and then to Florida to soak up some sun and find a rich husband. Unfortunately, the sun got humid and the only rich men I could find were 85 plus, so I moved back home pale and single (don’t worry this is a joke.)

So long story short I moved back to Des Moines, bought a new home and started a new journey. I was able to pick out my paint, floors, countertops, and cabinets. I always thought I had an eye for home décor. But as my closing date was coming to an end. I started to worry about my decisions. What if I picked the wrong items? What if it wasn’t perfect?

What is perfect, I asked myself. Why do I care so much about that silly word? After all, it was just my style and maybe imperfect to some but simply beautiful to me. The day after my closing, I walked into my first home and felt this overwhelming joy that this is me, all me. It was now time to shop for the fun stuff!

I was able to pick out furniture and accessories to fill my beautiful space. My style is neutral all the way. There is something so calming and elegant about putting shades of grey, white and beige together. My creative mind was flowing and was eager for more!

I had a burning desire for a job that fulfilled my passion for home and style. That desire lead me straight to K. Renee.

I remember walking into K. Renee and falling to my knees when I walked into the home store. Okay, not literally falling to my knees but in awe of its beauty and magnificent design. I wanted to meet this Kelli Schulz who I had heard so much about. I felt a connection before even meeting her, because my style was so similar. I was hopeful that I would be the perfect/imperfect fit for a position at K. Renee.

The day I brought in my resume, I was greeted with a generous smile and warm eyes by this brunette, who I soon found out was Julie Ross. I had read Julie’s blogs and a part of me felt like I knew her already. I loved her realness and vulnerability and was immediately drawn to her. She invited me to look around our store and I remember being inspired by so many things.

Kelli, Julie and Stacie were creating transitional and modern home vignettes. Entwining them into this effortless setting. This is a true creative gift, and I was captivated by its flow.

I was blessed to receive the position and have been hitting the ground running ever since! I am so thankful for the opportunity to be working with such a talented and passionate team.

Here are a few of my favorite home pieces and how to utilize them in your space. Personality is what makes a space great. Make your own statement and have fun. The more you try, the more you will begin to see what works and what doesn’t. Just go for it!

It’s time to embrace your inner gold goddess. Are you ready to be called an innovative decorista? Adding a few gold pieces will add warmth to your neutral space. Gorgeous golds are so amazing right now, make sure you grab some bold gold next time you’re in K.Renee.

Let’s throw down! These throws are warm and incredibly soft. The lightweight blankets are available in several colors. Drape one over the sofa or bed for a chic update — or over your shoulders for extra warmth.

Artwork is such an important factor when decorating your home. Wherever you decide to place your art, it needs to fit with the relative scale of the room to create a sense of balance and harmony.

Why not razzle and dazzle your home a bit with gorgeous mercury-glass? The luster makes a perfect accent on a table or mantel.

A cowhide adds great personality to any room. I’m so in love with our metallic hide! It makes a bold statement no matter how or where it’s used in your home.