Modern Vignettes for Your Console, Sideboard and Etageres

May 3, 2015

You might be asking...just what is a vignette?  

The word is actually derived from the French word 'vigne' meaning vineyard.    In the interior design world, the term means 'small collections of beautiful things that are carefully thought out and arranged together.'    

Last week, Kelli and I had the pleasure of attending the High Point Furniture Market where we not only found great new treasures for our store but new inspiration to bring back to Des Moines.     

This trip I found myself constantly inspired by the simple details of a well edited and beautiful vignette (or arrangement) on a variety of consoles, sideboards, bookshelves and etageres.  A modern vignette story can completely transform a room!      

 Today, I want to share with you some of my favorites from market and perhaps how you might translate my vignette inspirations into your own home.     

I love every detail in this picture above.   With the dramatic and large art piece above the console, the vignette was kept minimal and natural.  The simplicity of the branches in a tall glass vase just feels cohesive and modern.   And yes, the console is beautiful as well. So beautiful in fact that we ordered it for the store! 

Here is another example of a well balanced and modern vignette story.    You can see there is a great combination of texture and shapes but ties together beautifully because of staying true to its monochromatic theme.   Of course, we love this particular Shagreen console because of its great versatility as either a media console or sideboard.   And better yet, this console has just made its way to our showroom floor.  

Bookshelves and etageres alway seem to be everyone's nemesis... and one of the most common struggles that we help our clients with at the home store.    One of the rules of thumb that we like to share with our clients is the importance of odd numbers.    

Whether you are hanging artwork, adding pillows or creating a modern vignette for your bookshelves, items should generally be in odd numbers.  Things that appear in 3’s are usually more appealing, memorable and definitive.   

Can you picture yourself sitting on the sofa looking across at these beautiful pieces?   I can!!   This is such a great combination of texture and pattern and even a gorgeous splash of color!    I always encourage clients to use something natural in your personal vignettes.  I always look forward to my peonies blooming in the spring at my home. 

It won't be long before they bloom and find there way into my vignettes throughout my home.   Looking to your own backyard for a natural element to bring inside is a great seasonal way to update your own home vignettes.   We love how just adding simple flowers make such a beautiful difference.     

Some other items that work well in creating a modern vignette are interesting candlesticks, ceramics, vases, books, and succulents. We are constantly looking for great and interesting items at market.   Here is a sneak peak at some of our favorite finds for creating a modern vignette story that are already starting to arrive!   


Changing up a vignette in your home is a great way to reflect a change in season, a special occasion or to just  feature a new find that you really enjoy.     Remember, if you need some help composing an effortless and eye catching modern vignette... I would love to share my inspirations and love of creating great vignettes with you!    Have a beautiful day!