Making Moments Count - At Home

June 15, 2020

We are living through a time in our history where nothing is as it was.   And we are in the process of creating a new normal that is worthy of creating magical moments and special memories.   

Back in January, I wrote a blog called "The Lost Art of the Dinner Party."   Little did I know, how important dining at home would become!   



The thing about a dinner party is that it can be an all-out and very time-consuming event to plan, can't it?  But recently, I have found that you can have your cake and eat it too...with the additional benefit of supporting local restaurants.    

Our world has become much more intimate with large events and gatherings being canceled and delayed.   Yet, I still want to look forward to special and unique times with friends and families.   Luckily, some of my favorite local restaurants and chefs are making it easy to throw a soiree in the comfort of our own homes with what I like to call "dinner party kits."  

I decided to try it out myself on Sunday, June 7th for a small dinner party that I threw for my kids that live here in town.   It was the 10th anniversary of the passing of my late husband and my children's father.  It deserved to be special.   To be honest, I didn't have the energy to fuss in the kitchen all day yet I wanted to elevate the occasion.   

Table 128 and Chef Lynn answered my need when I noticed that they prepare weekly pantry kits (ready to cook) with service for 4.   The offering the week of my dinner gathering was:  


Roast Chicken with a Lemon + Citrus Jus
served with Scalloped Potatoes, Black Cat Acres Farm Asparagus, and Fresh Bread   


The prep work for the meal was done and all that I would have to do was to follow chef instructions to cook this classic dish at home.   It was so reasonably priced that I purchased the pantry kit along with dessert to be picked up on my way home from work the evening before.    So easy!


I have also been following Cyd's Catering and she too is offering reasonably priced and gloriously delicious meal options for gatherings in our homes.  With Father's Day and July 4th coming up, you might just be inspired to have your own special dinner party at home.




With the fuss of the food so beautifully taken care of without a trip or two to the grocery store, all that is left to think about is setting a fun table. 

I always like to start with a theme and to use as many things as I can that I already have at home.  I wanted to do a elegant beach-y theme (as I had sand from Hilton Head that is meaningful for our family.) Although I had some Ratan chargers and a few other things... this just wasn't memorable enough for the occasion.



After a quick run to an arts and crafts store on Sunday (the day of my dinner party), I came home with fresh flowers, ribbon, jute, shells and a few other little details.   


It just took a few minutes to create my not over-the top too fussy dinner table.  A little effort goes a long way and my kids (and friends) have come to expect this from me.   And from time to time, they will talk about a table or dinner from the past.   This is precisely my create little snippets of good memories at home.



When you have some great basics at home, it is fun to fill in the blanks with fresh flowers and a few other little things.    For example, I put together some items we have at the store that might be lovely for either Father's Day or a modern 4th of July celebration.


For a small investment all of these pieces could be used over and over again in a variety of table scapes.   


Linen Napkins - 4 for $44


Mercury Hurricane - $34, White Wood Sculpture - $34


Star Tea Lights - $12 each, Square Tea Lights - $29 each


Silver Faux Croc Chargers - $36 each


I can see adding white plates stacked in a few sizes atop the chargers along with fresh White Hydrangeas from your garden for a fresh and fun table.



Spending more time at home doesn't have to be boring especially with how easy it has become to serve chef dinners at home!   I encourage you to give it a try.   If you are stuck on ideas for your own table and how to use what you already have at home, just let us know.    For a small fee, we can send out one of our stylists to help you pull together items that you already have or tackle a floral arrangement.   

Memories are precious.   And making them count is so important.   We are all spending more time at home, let's make the best of it!

Until next week,