Make it Memorable!

December 17, 2013
I love having the holidays at my house.

But I know that holiday entertaining can be stressful if we put too much emphasis on everything turning out perfect. In my early career, I was a film producer and the one thing that I knew for sure was that if something could go wrong during a film shoot, it would. The trick to being successful was how well I reacted to life’s imperfections. Remember…

Kelli, Stacie, Jeff and I spent a little time last Saturday talking about our childhood recollections of Christmas. It was so fun to hear about each of our stand out moments and how as adults we do our best to recreate those moments for our own kids.

So my number one tip for holiday entertaining is to relax, have a little fun and, most important, make it memorable. For the last three Christmas gatherings, our family has chosen a food theme to be our starting point for the day. We’ve had an Italian Pajama party, Christmas in Paris, and a Fondue Switzerland theme. This year I will turn my home into a Mexican Cantina! Think margaritas, tacos, and tortilla soup. Everyone is responsible for a portion of the menu and a few of us end up wearing something in theme! It’s a blast!

I might have gone a little crazy a couple of years ago when we did 

‘Christmas in Paris’ but it certainly was memorable!

Kelli’s top tip for a memorable holiday is to make sure the little ones in the family have their favorite foods readily available! She is famous for her Sugar Cookies and there might just be a small rebellion in her home if Kelli’s cookies do not make their special appearance.

Stacie likes to make the holidays memorable by making them super comfortable (we are talking pajama party) and creating an environment where everyone fills a small, cozy space together. Cozy throws for a holiday gathering are a must! Our CozyChic® Ribbed Throws are the perfect way to relive the wonder and comfort of your favorite childhood blanket!

The ribbed throw is simply irresistible and cozy. 

A stylish accessory that also makes a great gift! $165

If you are going to have people in the house all day long, you should probably have a group activity planned. One of the most enjoyable things that we do is play games after dinner! For the last several years, we have been playing a simple game called ‘Left-Center-Right’.

Kids to Grandparents will like this simple game!

Left-Center-Right is a game that you can play at a party, holiday gathering or with any group of people. Once you’ve purchased the right dice and gone over a few simple rules, the game can provide hours of entertainment. It does involve a little ante which could be poker chips, candy, pennies and in our case, dollar bills.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention memorable holiday entertaining attire. With my ovens on most of the day, it just gets hot. So, I usually like to wear a short sleeve tank of some kind with a comfortable heel. Since our Christmas is inspired by Mexican cuisine, I was thrilled to find this Cynthia Vincent top with fringe which plays right into our theme! I’ll wear it with a black pair of leggings and with these Rachel Zoe shoes. So cute!

The key is to wear dark colors that won’t easily show spills or stains. The Rachel Zoe sleeveless top or the Nadia Tarr long jersey dress both work well for the hostess with the most. Of course, all of these amazing pieces can be found down at our clothing store.

This is the first year that my stepson Brandon won’t be home for the holidays and he will be sorely missed. We always knew the day was coming when our kids would start their own lives and share time with another family. And that is a blessing! So I embrace all of the holidays I have left to host with my family with delight and vigor. You will never hear me complain about the time or work that it takes to make a memory.

Until next week, may each of you experience a few good memories in

 these next days ahead that will last you a lifetime!