Live Life Beautifully With Kids and Pets!

September 11, 2016

By Gina Ross

We commonly hear at the home store…. “I love this look...but I can’t live this beautifully...I’ve got kids and pets.”

Yes, I understand. I have in years past tried to implement a no food or pets on furniture rule in my house. And as good as it sounds, it is a rule that is frequently (if not altogether) ignored.

The desire in most homes today is to have more open and “livable” living spaces. To accomplish this objective our furniture must be functional and comfortable. While kids and pets can seem like an obstacle to creating and maintaining a comfortable YET stylish, stain-free living space, I am going to challenge that line of thinking today. 

With an abundance of family friendly fabrics and materials available on the market (and especially in our store), we are here to help you create the home of your dreams for not only you but your entire family. 


Don’t Be Afraid of Neutrals

When you visit the K. Renee home store, you will quickly recognize our love for neutral colors. Our general recommendation to our customers is to consider purchasing their larger pieces of upholstery in neutral shades of whites, taupes, blacks, and grey.  So many great options. 

A neutral color palette provides a foundation for the addition of a “pop” of color without making a long term commitment to a more trendy option.  If you are loving the 'color of the year' buy some pillows, art, accessories or throws rather than something you have to live with for a long period of time.

We also hear some customers say, “I would LOVE to have lighter upholstery in my home, but I have kids, so I absolutely need something dark or brown.”  The truth of the matter is that whether you have a brown or a cream sofa, spills will happen and pets will shed.  

And as I often hear my sister-in-law say...

Dark is not necessarily better especially if you dream of a serene and calm color story that is rich with shades of lighter neutrals such as white, cream and gray.  Actually,  the quality and durability of todays fabrics make them much more resilient to stains.

A couple of years ago, we did the ultimate stain test on the same fabric that is on this amazing white sofa (the fabric is called Keswick Cream).

By now you might be saying, "Oh gosh, NO. One red wine drip and I am done."  Thankfully, you are not! This beautiful fabric is actually 100% polyester. Let’s put it to the test.

A quick spill of red wine actually sat on top of the fabric with enough time to wipe it right up without a stain.

But we know that getting to a spill like this right away is not always the case. Let’s spill again and let it set for 10 minutes.

With a white cloth, warm water and a dab of Laundress Stain Solution, the stain was easily removed. But the real test comes when we leave a red wine stain to dry over a period of four days.

But once again, with a white cloth and a little Laundress Stain Solution (which you can buy at either the home store or the clothing store), the red wine came right out.

So as you can see, there really is no reason to limit yourself to dark fabrics because you have a family and pets. If you love light colors, go for it.   We even have some great options that are upholstered with Sunbrella (which is an outdoor grade fabric) which is the ultimate stain resistant option. 

Bring in Lots of Comfortable Layers

Area rugs are a terrific way to add an elements of comfort that will also protect hardwood floors and wall to wall carpet. There are great polyester and wool blend rugs that allow for an added layer of style without breaking the bank.

Blankets, throws and pillows are the finishing touch to your sofa and chairs. And also create the cozy and comfortable look that your family will love. We stock a variety of kid and pet friendly blankets. Our throws are terrific for snuggling and, when needed, can be easily thrown in the wash. Your kids (and pets) will claim these for their own!

Keep Accessories Simple and Larger in Scale

Accessories provide the “WOW” factor and are a must in any room, but who has time to dust a plethora of small glass trinkets or worry if they will break.   If you focus on accessories that are larger in scale and heavier in weight, you won’t need as many objects to create visual interest. And items that are made of plastic, fiberglass and wood can be both high style and family friendly. 

Find a Stylish Place for “Things”

Families and kids have “things."   Things like toys, games, and books, a very important and real part of family life. They need to be there and available, but where do they go? When you want (and need) your room to be free of the evidence that children live in your home, a beautiful console can provide a great hiding place for toys, books, Legos, crayons, games… you get the picture.

Don’t Forget Your Bedroom

Some of my most memorable family moments are when my husband, our two boys and our dog snuggled in our king size bed on Sunday mornings. Those moments were full of stories, snuggling, singing and laughter. The last thing I wanted to do during those special times was worry about bedding that was ‘dry clean only’. Which is why it is so important to K. Renee to offer and stock both beautiful and washable bedding. Having a family bed doesn’t mean a boring bed!

Our final and most important tip is… 

Don’t Wait for the Perfect Time to Start “Living Life Beautifully”

Too often we hear a new customers (who has fallen in love with our K. Renee style) say; “When my kids are grown, I am going to have a room that looks like this.” Sometimes, we even have grandparents say; “When my grandchildren are grown, I am going to have furniture like this.” In the meantime, they feel they have to stick with what they have (for fear of mishaps) until the time when mishaps no longer exist. 


Unfortunately, mishaps will always exist with and without kids and pets. And there is really no reason to wait. A home doesn't have to be fussy to be beautiful!   We have lots of durable fabrics, metals, reclaimed wood, stone and concrete that easily provides beautiful, high style, family friendly furniture options for any active family. 

All you have to do is say the secret words “family friendly” and our team will get to work showing all the options you have to live your life beautifully now.