Life Is Too Short For Boring Furniture!

January 18, 2016

I saw this great picture yesterday and I thought to myself... "I totally agree... Life is too short!"    Really, life is too short to not do many of the things on our list but since we spend much of our time in our homes this realization is especially important.    When my weather app says "Clear conditions with a wind chill of -17", it is all about staying home!    

Studies have also shown when we are excited (not bored) with our homes, most people actually prefer having friends and families to their home instead of going out.   How about you?   Do you like spending time in your house or home?     

House or Home?   There is a difference.   A house is a structure where you live and provides you with basic needs and a safe place.    A home, on the other hand, is a place that provides you with mental and emotional support.   A place that you not only choose but look forward to getting away from the trials and tribulations of the outside world.   

There are lots of ways to define boring furniture... and really only you can do that.      For me, boring furniture or rooms are bland, uninspired, out-dated or simply necessary and mundane stuff that fills up a space.    Heck, I've had rooms like that.   And you know what?    I just avoid them like the plague.    

I am not suggesting that every piece of furniture that you own has to be outrageously exciting to not be boring.   This might be going a little to far....   

Designed by Lila Jang and is fittingly named 'the Alice in Wonderland Sofa'

I am suggesting that you do push yourself when it comes to selecting furniture and accessories -- and find things for your home that you really love.   I promise this will translate directly into how much you love your sanctuary.      The K. Renee showroom is always filled with 'not boring' furniture and accessories.    

And as a matter of fact, we are expecting an arrival any day now with pieces that we especially love and have been patiently waiting for since we ordered a few months back.   Arriving from a custom west coast furniture company known for their beautiful, yet practical and modern pieces and their strong commitment to sustainability and green materials.   Their philosophy is that furniture needs to be solidly built (think play dates and sleepovers) but still be impressive for dinner parties and family gatherings.   

So here are my 4 not-boring pieces of furniture (all made in the good old USA) that you can expect to see any day gracing our showroom floor.

The first is a sectional designed with clean lines and a deep, comfortable seat.  The fresh 'cache sand' fabric (a durable 100% polyester)  helps makes this piece pop and pairs beautifully with the silver finish of the sleek steel base.   Its fill is hypoallergenic and recreates the comfort and luxury of down.   And the lavish tufting...

Simply beautiful.    The second piece that I am loving is this chaise that draws its inspiration from classic Danish design.   The exposed alder frame adds an organic elegance and creates a unique contrast with the soft grey linen-blend upholstery.  Imagine yourself relaxing here...

This next chair is the perfect reason that the boring old recliner should be banned.     This is a man's man chair!    This extremely comfortable chair balances hard and soft beautifully.  It's angular steel frame creates a strong silhouette that gets relief from a soft seat and channeled leather cushion. Wrapped arms add the perfect finishing touch.   The best way to relax in style.


Someone in town is going to have the most beautiful desk that I have seen in a long time in either their home or office.   Personally, I am jealous! This clean-lined desk appears to float thanks to its clear Lucite sides.   The top is made out of Douglas fir and wrapped with kirei board, which really makes this piece pop. 

You say, what is Kirei board?     It is a strong, lightweight, environmentally-friendly product made from the reclaimed stalks of the sorghum plant.   Yes, I said sorghum.    Sorghum is the crop that is grown to make sorghum syrup or molasses.

These are just a few of the amazing, custom, comfortable and inspiring pieces that you will find at K. Renee.   If any of these pieces are speaking to you, I would recommend reaching out to Stacie (Stacie@krenee) so she can call you as soon as it comes in so you can take a look.    They won't be here and available long!   

My last piece of wisdom today... is that when you do see something that inspires you, get it.   You may not see it again.    And life is just too short to not live life beautifully.