Let Your Confidence Shine

December 10, 2018

As we traverse the holiday season attending family gatherings, holiday parties, and prepare for the new year, there is no better time to put our best foot forward with some confidence boosting and celebratory outfits.    Whether I need to be casual or comfortable...or to sparkle all the way,  I am old school and like to dress it up a bit and honor the occasion.    My confidence always shines when I slow down and take care of myself a little.    


Photo by Alexa Karen 


Although I love dressing up, I don't like to get too fussy.   Easy elegance for me.     There is nothing easier and more elegant than a beautiful suiting.   The one above has this luxurious platinum shine to it.    So easy.  So holiday (and beyond.) 


Photo by Alexa Karen  


Baby, it's cold outside!    Which is why velvet is a great option for the next couple of months.   This emerald green velvet top can be dressed up and dressed down...and is super soft and comfortable.   


 Photo by Alexa Karen  


Or how about a metallic print jacket to be festive but cover those arms?     Some of us need sleeves for warmth and others of us need (me) them for that silly thing that happens to your arms when you stop working out the guns.   (Perhaps a New Year resolution????) 


And to take things up a notch for a holiday party or New Year's Eve celebration, nothing lets your confidence shine like a figure-flattering gown or jumpsuit. 2019 will also start off with a bang with black tie events like Bravo or the Bubble Ball...so now is the time to be finding your best look.   


But the REAL WAY to really make our confidence shine is by finding opportunities in this giving season to serve others in need.  We all have our own unique way of making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.   For K. Renee, our unique way to give back to the community is our Share the Love Project, giving back 50 percent of our annual profits to organizations that our team supports along with our annual Home Holiday Transformation.   Yeah, it is that time of year!!!!!!

We are so pleased to announce that the 2018 recipient of our Home Holiday Transformation has been selected. In years past, our nomination committee has selected deserving families and individuals but this year our committee selected a wonderful non-profit organization that serves young moms with unexpected pregnancies - Ruth Harbor Ministries.

Ruth Harbor Ministries offers homes & programs for pregnant and parenting young moms.  The ministry was originally founded in 1996 by three women who believed God called them to provide a safe place and fill a service and support gap that existed when a young woman decided to continue her pregnancy, but before she gave birth. 

Our style team takes a tour.

The ministry started with the home on 42nd Street in Des Moines that serves young moms facing unplanned pregnancies and has recently expanded to serve moms with children at a second home in Carlisle, Iowa.

This is a home that has a staff counselor and live-in house parents.    The residents in the program live together as a family, learning to care for themselves and one another.    At no cost to the young women in need, they receive a place to live, food to eat, counseling, educational support, life-skills training, quality health care, spiritual training, parental training or adoption assistance...all at no charge.   

Pretty amazing, right?

I've taken a few excerpts from the nomination letter to help tell their story and their current needs...


A former resident of Ruth Harbor says it best...




Becky, one of the original founders and the author of the nomination letter continues...


The home on 42nd Street hasn't been updated since it opened its doors in 2001.     Because this organization is an interdenominational, Christ-centered ministry, they don't have access to government funding and rely solely on donations from churches and folks like us.     With all the services that Ruth Harbor provides its residents, the need for updated decor wouldn't make their immediate needs list.  

K. Renee would like these young women to have a place of peace and serenity as well.   As I often blog about, our home should be a safe haven that wraps around us like a warm blanket and gives us hope for a better future.    The pictures below are what the two rooms currently look like...





Our team was able to make our first visit to the home last week and we are now in the process of determining what we will do to transform these two rooms into an inspiring place for the residents - present and future - who will be spending time in these rooms looking toward their future.    And while we would usually say,  "We promise you will be inspired" in this case, we will say "We hope nothing more than to provide a place of peace, serenity, and hope." 

And perhaps, we can play a small part in helping a young mothers' confidence to shine.   

As always, I will follow up in the next few weeks with some before and after photos.     If this organization inspires you and you want to contribute in some small way, Ruth Harbor has a wish of their most needed items - not just for the holidays but every day of the year.  You can follow this link for more information or just drop things off at our store in the next couple of weeks and we will make sure they are received in your name.   



Most Needed Items

  • $40 gas cards
  • Ladies winter boots (sizes 7, 9, 9.5)
  • Thermal blankets (twin-size)
  • Diapers (sizes 4, 5 & 6 only)
  • Baby Wipes
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet paper (1 & 2-ply)
  • Silk pillowcases (neutral color, light shade)
  • Feminine hygiene products (both pads and tampons)


 Have a wonderful week,