Lessons Confirmed By The Bride

December 17, 2018

So this past weekend, I had the most wonderful experience of being a part of my beautiful step-daughter's wedding dress shopping experience in Chicago.     Jenni is the first child in our family that has found their special one and is planning on tying the knot this Spring! How exciting, right?



Myself along with my daughter (who also got asked to be the maid of honor), Jenni’s mom and the grooms' mom made an unforgettable girls trip to Chicago to find the perfect wedding dress for her upcoming destination Spring wedding in Exuma, Bahamas.   


Jenni had a clear vision of what she wanted: a beachy, modest but still romantic, and comfortable dress that she could dance the night away with ease and grace.   

For the last couple of months, Jenni has been doing her research and looking at the kinds of dresses that caught her eye and thought might be the “one.”    My response to each picture she sent to me was ‘beautiful’, ‘so pretty’, ‘I could see you wearing that.’ Because you see, I know that no matter what looks great in a photo or on another person, it isn’t until you try a dress on, touch the fabric and feel how it fits that you will actually find “the one.”

A bride knows this best.  And so do bridal shops who almost always require an appointment to try on gowns in search of that special one.   The lessons we can learn from both the bride and the shop are important ones that all of us can benefit from when shopping for our own everyday wardrobe and special occasion looks.

Lesson One:  

Take the time to think about your personal style and needs




A little pre-shopping research can give you an idea of what styles of dress are available and helps you define your personal style.    Do you want a little bling, lace, what kind of necklines speak to your aesthetic?   So go ahead and do a little looking to find the looks and silhouettes that speak to your personal style.

But the truth of the matter is that you can't find your best looks by just looking at pictures and shopping online.   You always have to see, touch, feel and most importantly try them on.  More often than not, they can look and feel different in person. 




Lesson Two:

By Appointment Only


An appointment does two wonderful things.   It gets you focused and gives you dedicated time with the second most important person in your life (at least in this moment) your stylist.    We know this at our clothing store as well. And although we don’t require appointments (but love to encourage) as a bridal shop would, we too know that there are significant benefits!   

nullFirst, your stylist has time to think about you and your needs before your arrival.    And second, you as the client will have a dedicated block of time where your stylist can be 100% devoted to your wants and needs.    

A stylist helping you during an appointment is the expert. She (or He) has been doing this for years and will know what shapes and silhouettes will complement your figure and which ones may not work with your body type.

Can you imagine trying wedding dresses on where you are left on your own to shop the rack, bring your picks to a dressing room and attempt to put each one on by yourself...let alone make a decision?  Impossible.

Your stylist also knows just how a garment should look and what it might require in terms of alterations.   She (or he) also knows more about the garments and styles that are available and all of the possibilities that might be overlooked if left to your own accord.

 Which leads me to the next important lesson...




Lesson Three:

Be Open To New Possibilities

Being open to the thoughts, ideas and silhouettes that your stylist will present (even ones that you have discounted) might help you look and feel the way that you have always envisioned.   Of course, this happened in our experience, and Jenni ended up falling in love with a gown that was not on her radar and that the stylist we worked with suggested.   (Don't worry Jenni, I won't show the actual gown that you ended up choosing!)  But let's face it...what dress didn't she look amazing in? These are just a few of the beauties.






Lesson Four:

Follow Your Heart

 When you find a dress or outfit that makes you feel like incredibly special and better than you could have ever expected, there is just something magical that happens.  Your intuition kicks in and tells you immediately if something is just right for you.   Don't second guess this feeling whenever you find things that create this special aura.   Trust it and always go for it!     Don't let that 'there might be something better around the corner' insecurity crop up and confuse the issue.


It was so special to be present for this moment when Jenni found 'the one.'    She clearly saw herself on the beach, looking just the way she had always dreamed and marrying the man she will spend the rest of her life with.   She just knew.  For all of us Moms and her Maid of Honor - Best. Christmas. Gift.  Ever.

 And then there was only one thing left to do...


With a lightness in our hearts and relief that Jenni was able to wholeheartedly say "Yes, to the dress," we found ourselves in a cheerful mood.     And what better way to celebrate than to sit together and create a brand new cocktail which we have dubbed "Yes, to the Dress."



We had decided to order the decadent "White Russian"  in our hotel lobby bar but they, unfortunately, had run out of Kalhua.      Well, nothing was stopping us now, and the Grooms' Mom helped the bartender create a new concoction replacing Kalhua with the even better Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur.   Uh, yum.   

Over ice, add: 

2 oz Kettle One Vodka

1 oz Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur

Top off with Half and Half

Sprinkle with cocoa powder


I think we sat in the lobby bar for three hours enjoying each others company, making new friends with anyone who walked into the lobby bar and enjoyed this once (hopefully twice)-in-a-lifetime experience to the fullest.    

Have a wonderful week!   And don't forget the lessons confirmed by the bride...a personal stylist can help you pull together a look for any occasion that makes you feel like your best self.     Something that we all need each and every day.


Enjoy the season,