Kindness is So Gangster

November 13, 2017

One of our team members, Lisa Wood, had this fabulous tote at work the other day and I immediately fell in love with it and especially the message.

Kindness is so Gangster

"Kindness Is So Gangster" is actually a movement to perform random acts of kindness.  Love!

And how we need this so much right now.    I don’t know about you, but it seems like it's been a year of one thing after another.   

And during these times instead of waiting for something good to happen, we all have the power of kindness which can easily change the trajectory of a person's day, week, year or life.


Kindness can restore our faith in the world around us.


It’s just not that tough to do something extraordinary.  Who doesn’t know about “The Wave” by now? Taking a moment to turn around and acknowledge the kids and families fighting for their simple, so powerful.  (Click Here to learn about the woman who helped start the wave.)



And then there are the two families (whose children were served at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital) that created the WAVE t-shirt and sweatshirts.   


100% of the profit from the sale of the shirts and sweatshirts will be donated to The University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital. And if you are a football fan going to the last game of the season on November 18th, you'll want to wear one for the last wave of the season. And here is where to get here. 

Again, so simple, so powerful.

Kindness...It’s human nature (or should be) and it helps improve self-esteem, creates friendships and spreads a sense of optimism and hope for a better future. So, this week...why not inspire some kindness?


Inspire Kindness


Last week, I saw firsthand that inner city High School students are walking around outside without a coat - not because of teenage attitude - because they don't own one.      

» Go buy a coat and randomly give it to someone who looks like they are in need.   I love this idea that a woman in the UK implemented in her community...


Picture from East News Press


» Next time you are in a drive-through line for coffee, pay for the car behind you.   Yes, I know people have been doing that for awhile..but who cares?   It still feels good.

» Leave a huge tip for a hard-working waiter or waitress.  It will mean so much!

The smallest things make all difference in your life and others.  Click here to find a list of 103 random acts of kindness that might just resonate with you.



One of the most gangster things we get to do at K. Renee is our annual Home Holiday Transformation where our customers nominate someone special in our community who they believe may need a fresh start, helping hand, or who have given of themselves in a powerful and extraordinary way.  

2014 Nomination Letter

And one of these special nominations will receive from K. Renee a room makeover that is valued at up to $10,000.  Our team supplies all the talent, furniture and accessories that it will take to transform a room from floor to ceiling (but does not include structural or remodeling projects.)  With another year full of successes and blessings, this is K. Renee’s unique way to show our gratitude and spread a little kindness.

We have had the pleasure of serving three individuals and families over the past several years...


Holiday Home Transformation 2014

Our first transformation benefited a beautiful family who spent all their waking hours serving the needs of their terminally ill little boy. We felt that a bright light in the middle of such darkness would offer them a small bit of relief during their fight of all fights.


Here are the links to the blogs telling all about this story as well as more pictures:

A Holiday Story, Part 1

A Holiday Story, Part 2


Holiday Home Transformation 2015

In 2015, our nominated recipient was a woman who has dedicated herself to serving others as the leader of the Celebrate Recovery program at Lutheran Church of Hope.   We felt that she had given so much of herself to others that she deserved a special treat of her own.


Here are the links to the blogs telling all about this story as well as more pictures: 

2015 Holiday Home Transformation Revealed!

2015 Holiday Home Transformation - Part 2


Holiday Home Transformation 2016

How do I adequately describe our 2016 in a few short words?   I can’t.   This home transformation was only about giving our nominated family something else to think about (just for one small moment) than the unthinkable.  


 Here are the links to the blogs telling all about this story as well as a beautiful video and more pictures:

Where Our 2016 Home Transformation Story Begins...

A Dramatic Transformation of Hope


All of these transformations have touched and changed our entire team in so many ways.   It bonds us together (along with each of you that make nominations) and is the highlight of our year.   


Our team at K. Renee can’t thank each of you enough for your support of our business which gives us the ability to deliver this small act of kindness to a deserving person or family.   

 Thank you!

As always, we need YOUR help.     Please think of someone special that may need a helping hand, or they give to others beyond what many of us can imagine.   If you know a person that could use a beautiful and uplifting space in their home, for whatever reason, we want to hear from you.


All you need to do to make a nomination is email us ( a 200-500 word essay about this person or family and why you believe we can make a difference in their transformation journey.   Nominations will be taken through Friday, December 1st, 2017.  

A small group of our long-standing K. Renee customers will make a final selection.     For those of you who make a nomination, I will personally reach out to you and let you know if your nominee was selected no later than December 5th, 2017.    

And as always, you can expect a full story on the actual recipient and the transformation itself.     Let’s get gangster about kindness!