Kelli's Favorite Paint Colors - Accent Walls

February 1, 2021

 by Kelli Schulz

We are always experimenting with painting our accent walls in the show room.  

Experimenting with Paint

Because we have such beautiful and dramatic lighting, a few accent walls painted with deeper color tones set off our lights nicely.   I've chosen a variety of accent colors that still complement the soothing neutral tones that K. Renee is so known for... but create a little extra drama and interest.  Today, I want to share with you some of my favorite accent wall colors that might just help you refresh and update your own space.

Kelli's Favorite Accent Colors

I am asked quite regularly about my favorite wall colors and what, if any, formula I use when making my selections.  In a past blog, we covered "our arsenal" of the most loved and used neutral colors of all time.   These are my go-to's and are a perfect back drop for all of the accent colors that I will be sharing with you today.

Front of Showroom

In the front of our store, the natural light from the large windows allow us to play with deeper saturated tones for accents.  In most cases, an accent wall will look most natural when it is darker but still harmonizes with the other walls in your home.   It should also relate well to your existing decor.

So let's take a look at some of my favorites.


One of my favorite darker shades of gray (with black and some green undertones) is Gauntlet Gray.   We have used this color in many of our clients' homes to help bridge their heavily traditional interior to something more transitional.

Gauntlet Gray and Gorgoyle

We selected a very similar color to be used in the front of our store.   This time we selected Gargoyle by Benjamin Moore.   It's a little mossier and provides a little less intensity.    But works beautifully with all of our neutral tones and the grand light fixture.


Gargoyle in the Showroom

One of the most important tips that I give our clients when choosing any paint color is to not look at a single paint chip but at a color card that shows all the shades in a particular family.     This will be the best way for you to see the true undertones of a particular color.    

Tip For Picking Colors

Colors can often go blue, purple, green and brown...and you will want to know this before you paint your walls.   I loved all the shades in this particular color family and knew I wouldn't be surprised once it was painted on our walls.



Rich Shades For Accent Colors


So what are some other color tones that I am obsessing over?    Right now, it's Benjamin Moore's, Mountain Ridge.   It is a beautiful dark but dusty plum that works well with lilac or lavender accents paired back to deep charcoals, oatmeal, and chocolate upholstery pieces.

Mountain Ridge and Sea Life

Another dramatic tone I love is Benjamin Moore's Sea Life.  It has cooler undertones that show either purple or blue depending on the light.  It is a lovely accent to compliment a simple black and white story. 

But I have to say, one of my favorite accent wall colors is the classic black.

Classic Blacks

One of my go-to's is Ebony King, a dark but not overpowering black.  It almost appears to be a dark charcoal especially when you see it next to a true black.   There is really nothing better than a black accent wall in a room that can handle the drama!


Ebony King and Onyx

Benjamin Moore's Onyx is closer to a true black.    It is crisp and vibrant and looks great when it balances a room rather than dominates.   

Earlier, I mentioned that I love a black accent wall when it can 'handle the drama.'  What do I mean when I say that?   

We have all been to a home where a lone wall is painted a bold accent color.  Perhaps it was painted because the wall seemed like it needed something to give it purpose.   And because of the bold color statement, it almost becomes a focal point.    I don't want your wall to be the focal point,  I want it to be part of the drama.   

Can it handle the drama?

An accent wall should frame what you already have going on in the room and not stand out as the most special thing.    It could support a beautiful piece of art work, set off a dramatic light or complement the rich layers that are surrounding it.    An accent wall that 'can handle the drama' is one that helps you create a cohesive balance in a room between the strong color and your furnishings and accessories. 


Sample Paints

Before we paint any one of our walls, we will usually purchase a pint of sample paint and test out the wall that we want to accent. How does it look in the light of day?   And in the darkness of night? Does it compliment the furnishings and fixtures in the room?   If we don't like it, we don't have a whole gallon that we feel compelled to use.   When you buy a sample at your local paint store, making a mistake becomes less of an issue. 


Accent Walls Galore

Painting an accent wall is one of the easiest ways to create a fresh look with a minimal cost. There is no reason to shy away from using a rich, deep color as an accent as long as you can support it with the beautiful things you already have in your home.    

Our showroom is a wonderful way to see our favorite paint colors in person and imagine how they might look in your own home.    I get asked all the time to recommend paint colors and I would love to help you with yours as well.  

Stop in and see us.  I promise you'll be inspired.