March 15, 2015

It is finally time for warmer weather to arrive which in my book means sprucing things up in our homes.  We've been busy at the store helping clients to get ready for the upcoming season of Easter entertaining and graduation open houses.   Yes, it's time to start thinking about your own plans through the spring and summer months.

When I'm asked about how to breathe a new season of life into a home, here are the five easy tips that I usually share...


My first suggestion is to look at your home today and ask what season does it reflect?     Most of us want our homes cozy for the winter... but now it is time to make it airy for the spring and summer.      How can you easily do that?

Freshen up your shelves and tabletops.    

Take what has been there over the last several months and change it up.    Fill your shelves and tabletops with stacks of your new favorite books, trays of spring scented candles and bowls of fresh flowers and greens. 

Top your sofa with a softer pillow story and exchange your heavy throw with a lighter weight one.   
Reflect the change of seasons by swapping out the pillows on your sofa.    It's an inexpensive way to give your room an updated, seasonal look!


Whatever your style is, every room in your home should display some element of surprise.

From an unusual furniture arrangement, a bold piece of artwork or a new piece collected from your most recent getaway… the focus is on the placement in your room to create the unexpected.


Beautiful wood floors? Purchase a smaller area rug to show more of them. An added benefit to this is your room will look larger.

Play up a scenic view by passing on window treatments all together.   Floor to ceiling windows but still need the privacy?    Hang your draperies from the ceiling rather than the top of your window. 

Drapes always give a room a finished, polished look and provide the perfect frame for the beautiful leaves that should be beginning to bloom any day!


So many times we change our paint colors in a room but don't realize we are still living with the same fixtures we had when we moved in.   Swapping a new chandelier for that old ceiling fan can be transformative in a room!  Always be mindful of style and scale.

Keep the fixture understated in a room that has a lot going on but a large and sparkly chandelier will lighten the darkest and heaviest of rooms.


Every room should have something that reflects your personality. A family heirloom you treasure should be strategically placed. Or how about an updated photo gallery of your special event, grandkids or favorite vacation?

 A photo gallery should be simple and thoughtfully arranged on a wall in complimentary frames.     

Contemporary Hall by Vancouver Interior Designers & Decorators Gaile Guevara

Really there is nothing like the change of season or an upcoming spring celebration to inspire you to refresh your home.     It only seems appropriate to share a celtic blessing this week...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!