Kelli Says... Get Ready for Fall!

August 22, 2015

As we end the summer season and begin settling back into the comfort of our homes, we thought it would be fun to have Kelli answer some of the most common questions she often is asked at our home store.   After all it's time to get ready for Fall!

Here we go...

Kelli Says...

Absolutely, we put area rugs on carpet all the time.    It adds a ton of visual interest and texture in any room and really helps to define the space. We layer our clothing the same way to create a unique and special look.    Your home benefits from this same principal.

The variety of textures and patterns from the rug to the pillows creates a cozy and comfortable story in this basement transformation we did last year.  And the rug looks perfectly at home layered on the existing carpet.

Kelli says...

People ask if they should break down and paint their oak woodwork white.     My personal opinion is ‘yes’.      In my own home, I had tons of oak and we had it professionally painted years ago and never looked back.    

Here is a home we worked on last year where painting the dated woodwork created a beautiful palette for a new look in an older home.

But if you intend to keep it, you can simply paint your walls with cooler tones so you don’t emphasize the yellow undertones in the wood.  Silvery grey options are nice and taupe’s that don’t have pink undertones work nicely to give your space a more updated feel without changing your natural woodwork.   We help clients all the time blend these tones quite successfully.  The picture below is one of my favorite examples of how to blend warm with cool and golds with grey.

Kelli Says...

Painting!   Give your room a fresh new shade.   It’s inexpensive and gives new life to a tired space.   Another simple addition is green plants or trees.   Or a bouquet of fresh flowers on your table will add vibrancy to every room in your home.    Nature is always a great investment, big or small!

Kelli Says...

I would guess that you are having a hard time tying them together because there is no continuity in your theme. It is difficult to create a relaxing flow in your home without using similar shades of one color throughout.   Consider neutralizing your walls, then bring in your favorite colors in your art, rugs, pillows and accessories.

The dining room below was painted in one of our clients favorite colors.    The color dominated the room and created an issue developing a cohesive look with their recently updated living room.

The answer?   Neutralize the walls and bring their desire for bold and beautiful colors in through accessories and art.

One of the most difficult decorating decisions that you will make is getting rid of an expensive piece of furniture that you no longer care for. Sometimes the best decision is to replace the piece before you invest more money into more pieces trying to make something that you don’t like work. Cutting your losses can be much cheaper in the long run.

With that said, I have no way of knowing what else is going on in the space where your red chair resides. Generally speaking, you can tone down the color intensity by incorporating more black, grey and white into your palette. 


This well done bedroom from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams shows how a little red can add a bit of zing in an otherwise neutral room.

Do you have a question to ask Kelli?    Send it to and we will make sure it gets answered! And of course, you can stop by any time and see all the amazing new fall inspired looks featured at both our home and clothing store!

Have a wonderful last week of August!      One of our fall favorite brands, Veronica Beard, will be presenting an expanded assortment of their Fall collection this Thursday through Saturday at our clothing store.    You won't want to miss it!