K. Renee Takes on Texas

June 26, 2016

In Town, Out-of-Town, Any Town!

Yes, while much of our time is spent transforming homes in the metro area we are also a traveling crew focused on creating magic where ever we go.   It's just a day trip for us to pack up a dream room and head your way, whether that's Ottumwa to Spirit Lake and everything in between.   

Our team doesn't just serve your design needs in Iowa.   We also have transformed homes in Minnesota, Illinois, Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, Florida, Cabo San Lucas and most recently in San Antonio, Texas (more about that in a bit!)

Now, you may be asking, how the heck do we do that?     By now, you know that we love styling and designing great looking rooms. But you might not be aware that our team does so much more.  We often assist with the building process (new construction and remodels), material recommendations and selection, and lighting design right along side selecting furnishings and final touches.  

No matter the scope of your project, our team offers many complimentary services to help create your dream.

If you are wanting an update, to remodel or build, we offer space planning services at no cost to you as long as you are purchasing your furniture and accessories from us.

When remodeling or building, you know that it can be difficult to envision all the possibilities for your home. Our team can consult with you throughout the process from helping with material and lighting selections to assisting with custom cabinets.

Both in and out of town, our team can make site visits during the construction process. A plan on paper just doesn’t translate as well as seeing and working with your space in person.

As we work together selecting and/or ordering furnishings, lighting and accessories for your home, we also offer complimentary storage until you are ready for us to deliver and install. Why is this important? We believe that when you are ready to update a room or move into a new home, it is best to get it all done in one swoop.   

When working on your home, we recommend buying the pieces that you love when you find them.   And we store them until its time to transform your space into your home.

And that is just what we did on our latest out-of-town project in San Antonio, Texas.     Our client relocated to Texas and found the perfect community to live and build a new residence.     The community was represented by a builder that had a variety of floor plans to choose from with model homes on site that help potential buyers visualize the available floor plans.   The model homes in this community had a very tuscan and traditional feel which is typical to the area.    Our clients were not interested in typical so they came to us to help them build a home that better reflected their personal style and dreams.

Our team, led by Kelli Schulz, jumped in to help create a personalized (model) home that worked within the confines of the community builder yet gave our clients a home that met their style and comfort needs.

As you can see below, the model home translates as pure texas style while the customized home of our client into a much more transitional approach accomplished with very little alternation to the original floor plan provided by the builder.

From the beginning, Kelli advised our clients on what floor plan modifications to consider as well as traveled to San Antonio to assist with material selections such as flooring, quartzite, tile, stone and paint.   Making changes to a floor plan, especially when working with a community builder can be expensive.   So it becomes especially important to optimize the things that you can control such as materials, lighting and furnishings!

You'll notice in the two model home pictures above that there were built-in niches that Kelli advised to be either squared off or removed.   Niches always seem like a good idea and a 'custom' feature but can often leave you in a desperate search to find the right thing to put in them.   Our client also chose simple white cabinets and sleek glass tile instead of the typical southwestern approach of dark woods and stone walls.

The model home was dark and heavy but as you can see a home can be easily changed to a lighter space with more transitional materials and furnishings.       Throughout the building process, our clients came into the store on 3 different occasions to select the furniture pieces that really resonated with their style and met their comfort needs.   They found many items right on the floor and we had plenty of time to order any additional pieces that we needed to complete the six rooms we would be installing when the build was complete.

The outdoor space also needed to be addressed.   It just so happened that a new sectional arrived in our store only days before our trip to Texas.  Our client saw it, sat in it, said it would be perfect.   We ended up packing it up on our truck to Texas at the last minute!   Looks like it was meant to be.

Lighting should be chosen right along side with how you envision furnishing a room.   Too often lighting is chosen before room furnishing are selected and an opportunity to make huge impact is missed.   In this case, we helped select gorgeous fixtures that contributed to the serene and comfortable surroundings and really brought each of the rooms to life.

No matter what style of home you want, comfort and livability is key.  Otherwise, what is the point?    Our clients always had their third and fourth family members in mind (the English Setter pictured above and their Retriever off in another room) and we knew they would be welcome in each and every room.    All of the fabrics and rugs we chose were comfortable, easy to clean but did not compromise the look and feel of this dream home.  

Yes, out-of-town transformation can be complicated and require a dedication to detail, foresight, creativity and organization.    Our team is the best-of-the-best and is always up for your challenge.   

As K. Renee continues to expand our ability to serve all of your home beautification needs, we are now offering custom cabinets which I will be showing you in greater detail in next week's blog.  We've teamed up with artisan Jay Ryan and we can now help you build beautiful, unique and custom designed kitchens, bathrooms, bars, built-ins and closets.    Oh, the possibilities!

Our new design center is up and running and we'd love to show it off to you.    And as a matter of fact, we are ready to celebrate.

If we don't see you before, we'd love to have you join us for an evening of friendship and celebration on July 21st from 5:30 to 8:00 in the evening.   We will have a tent in the parking lot with a live performance from Bonnie Finken (Voted 'Best Local Musician' by Des Moines Cityview Readers.)