Jumpstarting a Festive December

November 26, 2018

I hope you all enjoyed a fabulous Thanksgiving and the long weekend that followed. With this holiday happening a little earlier, we have almost a full week of November left to get a jumpstart on a very festive December.  

There are always several things on my mind this time of year… holiday decor, gift-giving and festive attire for events and gatherings.   

Holiday decor at my house always centers on the tree.    One that sits outside…


And the one that finds its home on the inside.   This big, beautiful obstacle always demands that I rearrange things in my home to create more space (so it can take center stage) but still allowing me to create a cozy but balanced furniture arrangement for holiday entertaining.   


It is amazing how inspiring it is when you make some simple changes to the way things have always been. It opens our eyes to new possibilities.  So I encourage you to rearrange.  Just change it up. Move your couch and chairs around to accommodate your holiday decor.  By playing with your furniture arrangement now, it just might give you some inspiration on how you might change things up once all the decorations come down.  

I also like to remove and store a good amount of my everyday accessories and pillows to make room for holiday inspired decor. I actually box accessories up and put them in the basement until the time comes to put my home back together after the holiday.     

When I pull out my accessories I take note of how I feel about each one of them.    If I am excited to see them again - they will find a fresh new spot in my home. If not, I work on finding new everyday accessories that make me excited to take on the new year.

It's also fun to make a few simple changes to my existing holiday decor.   This year I decided to add a little blush to my home by adding a few bulbs to my already neutral decor of golds and silvers!    Easy.  

Are you needing a little inspiration for changing up your own holiday decor?  K. Renee will be decorating one of the homes featured in Ankeny’s Holiday Ho Ho Home Tour this Saturday, December 1st from 5:30 to 9:30 pm in the evening.

Each of the homes will have their own unique decorations, style, and appetizers to share.   And even better, this event will benefit the Ankeny Service Center where 100% of all proceeds will be used to help those in the Ankeny and northern Polk County area.  (click on the picture above for more information and to purchase tickets.)

The next big thing on my mind is what to wear to upcoming holiday parties and gatherings - some formal and some informal.  It’s time to start thinking about how you will shine this year before all of the best options are found by someone else.

Which is why our style team at the clothing store are presenting a holiday capsule of fabulously festive looks this Thursday, November 29 from 6 to 8 pm featuring a mini-style show, drinks, and hors d'oeuvres!  Not only will we be available to help you shine all season long,  everyone who attends will receive our signature K. Renee tote.


Gift-giving is also on my mind.   I love to find and give gifts that are not expected but I know will be loved.  And although I am heavily biased (go figure) I know that our stores are full of special surprises that many people on your list will enjoy.   


Not only can we help you find something unexpected but we can beautifully wrap it and deliver it (locally) if that is what you need!   


I feel like this next week ahead is a gift of extra time to help us get ahead so we can slow down and enjoy the last month of the year. Whether you need help with getting your home ready for a holiday gathering, gift ideas for the special people in your life or just a place to go to get a little inspiration...we got you!