It's Neat to be Neat

April 22, 2019

It's neat to be neat.  Boy, that makes me sound like a nerd. (I suppose I am, really.)

I am not sure what is in the air, but I am all about getting my life in order.   Going through the process of discarding has been fantastic.   My shoulders feel less cumbersome after removing all the stuff in my home that didn't bring me some kind of joy.   However, even with fewer things, I still know that my closets and drawers could still use some additional organization and neatness.   


Oh, those junk drawers...they get me every time!   For those of you who know me, it is no secret that I love clothes and the creativity of putting new looks together with all of the goodies that hang in my closet.   This splurge of morning creativity has the effect of making this space in my home a little erratic (okay, a lot erratic) and extremely disorganized.    Which is why I am super excited to attend an informational session at our clothing boutique on this very topic!   We are pleased to be hosting Sophie Gillotti from Organized Des Moines.


Organized Des Moines teaches the NEAT Method and works with clients to help with closets, basements, offices (and more) and will even help you organize a move to a new home.  Hmmm?    I want to learn more.

Sophie, like K. Renee, is a lifestyle business that is focused on customizing how we live so we can truly enjoy our homes and our lives.   It is sometimes so stressful tackling all this on our own, and it's nice to know there is a qualified person to help us do just that!

On Thursday evening, starting at 6 pm, Sophie will be in our clothing boutique to present some of her Neat Method strategies for an inspired closet.  Actually, closets are one of the most requested spaces that Sophie gets asked to get organized.

Here is just a taste of what you will hear…

The NEAT method suggests that we all consider using the velvet hangers with the bar across the bottom.   Although they come in many colors, black is generally their pick for us big kids.

Not only do they create a uniform look, but they are slim allowing us to create more space in our closets.     Sophie will show us how to categorize by separating tops, pants and dresses and then sort by color...light to dark.

This is the simplest way to know where each item is located, which in turn saves time and frustration, when you are pulling together a fabulous outfit. I can’t tell you how much time I spend in the morning looking for a particular top that somehow gets crammed in between other items.   I swear I can check the same spot three or four times in a row before said garment reveals itself.    

It's important to find the most accessible space in your closet, so your favorite items of the season are front and center!  



The outfits that you love to wear time and time again should be front and center...easy to grab. Special occasion clothing or less used items can be stored in those harder to reach places.



The most common mistake that we all make when trying to get organized is buying bins or other storage solutions BEFORE actually organizing your closet.    It is so tempting, isn't it???


Once we know what we have, then it is time to make a list of what to buy and measure exactly where the storage container is going to be! Hmm.   Could have used this tip already!

I hope you can join us on's gonna be good.  You can click below to register!


Sophie’s business not only helps with closet organizing but also things like: 

  • Bathrooms 
  • Basements 
  • Bedrooms 
  • Garages 
  • Holiday Prep & Storage 
  • Kitchens & Pantries 
  • Laundry Rooms 
  • Making Room for Someone New
  • Moving and unpacking

I'm looking forward to learning a thing or two!   Sophie is also going to offer all attendees a free consultation to talk about individual needs.  One lucky winner will receive 4 hours of personal organization time.   



Pick me!   Not.  I'm not qualified to win...but heck, I may be hiring her anyway.  

This also might be a good time to bring in your donations for Stacie’s Be The Light Campaign benefiting Bidwell Riverside which will give you 10% off of your purchase through May 6th!

Enjoy this warmer weather.  Finally!