It Stops You In Your Tracks

March 19, 2018

Last week, my blog was about 'the purpose' of K. Renee...why we are committed to the risks and rewards of being a locally owned business.  (If you missed it, you can click here to catch up.)


But the next part of OUR story was identifying the guiding principles and fundamental beliefs that support our purpose.  These are the CORE VALUES of K. Renee.


And these seven values are the unwavering guides that keep us on the path to achieving our goals, dreams, and purpose. 

Our Core Values are:

- Style Driven

- Passionate

- Do It Now

- Relationship Focused

- Future Minded

- Purpose Driven

- Responsible Financial Success





It only seems logical to start at the top and talk a little bit about what our core value of being Style Driven means to the K. Renee team. 



For us, being style driven is not about chasing the current trends in home design or what is 'hot' right now in fashion. These things are fleeting and tend to be the flavor of the day. We believe that great style has more of a timeless quality and is considered to be more permanent.


'Style' is something that can be a bit hard to explain...but you know it when you see it.   It stops you in your tracks and you notice its appeal and beauty. As a matter of fact, whenever you see a beautifully styled room or outfit for the first time, it should be an emotional experience. It never feels boring or outdated.


For us, great style is a way of life.     We are always on the hunt for textiles, furnishings, and clothing that stand out as special. 

As stylists, it is our job to keep up on what is trendy and current in both the world of fashion and home design.   Fashion and trend are playful and who doesn’t want a bit of that in their lives?   It just needs to be managed so you don't over-invest in something that will be out of style at the speed of lightning.   

You will often hear our stylists advise our clients to:

Choose classic neutrals for big-ticket items to ensure staying power 

Yes, a splashy hot pink sofa as the centerpiece of your living room might feel fun for a year or two.  


But instead get your daily dose of vibrant color by spicing things up with pillows or a playful rug.    


Like a trend?   Use trendy pieces as accents   

The K. Renee style driven team loves certain trends just as much as you do. But we prefer to incorporate them in ways that are easier to manage when they are no longer so cool!  Think fun side chairs, lamps, rugs, accessories and pillows.


Or in the clothing boutique, go for a fun blouse, shoe, or purse. 


Clean lines in furniture and clothing are always in style

Clean lines are something that you will see a lot of when you walk through our showroom floor.  You will find many of our larger furniture pieces (investment pieces) have straighter lined profiles and can fit easily into almost any style - traditional, modern, farm-house (latest trend) and so many more.


The same is true in our clothing boutique.   You will often find me wearing “vintage” K. Renee (clothing that I have purchased from K. Renee...ten, sometimes fifteen years ago).    You would never know that I hadn’t just bought them in the last couple of months.

This past weekend, I took a road trip to San Antonio to visit a friend of mine (Chris) who also happens to be a client of K. Renee.    When I walked into her home, I instantly felt my blood pressure go up in the best of ways.



Remember, whenever you see a beautifully styled room or outfit for the first time, it should be an emotional experience. And it never feels boring or outdated.  And this home did that for me!



Actually, the K. Renee home team (led by Kelli Schulz) helped our client throughout the building process of this stunning San Antonio home.   And when it was time, our team helped her pick out lighting, furnishings, art, name it.    In 2016, the style team packed it up and drove down to Texas to personally install and style her home so it was completed on the day she moved in.    

(I didn't work on this particular project and had just seen pictures...and pictures didn't do this home justice.)

Over the years, we have gotten to know Chris’s unique style.   She has a love of vintage items and wanted her home to be an ode to shabby chic but combined with the modern to give it a unique but timelessly beautiful style.   



Working closely with Kelli, together they artfully added a few beautiful vintage (or vintage inspired) things to each room giving the home its very personal style. It is such a great illustration of how mixing old with new can really add beauty and visual interest to a home.

Her gasp-worthy home inspired me.  And my daughter (who as with me) turned to me and said, “Mom, you need to up your game.”    Lol.

We have also gotten to know Chris’s personal style as she has been wardrobing with the K. Renee team for many, many years.   She will often text or call (since she lives out of town) and tell one of us that she needs a few more suits for work or to refresh her warm-weather wardrobe.    


And since I was heading down for the weekend, I just packed an extra suitcase jam-packed with K. Renee goodies so we could have a traveling style session.  Which was a fun way to spend Sunday morning in San Antonio!   

So in the end, being STYLE DRIVEN for us means...

  • Helping our clients choose elegant outfits (casual or dressy)  that appeal to them personally and flatter.  
  • Helping our clients create beautiful home spaces that are a reflection their lifestyle and most importantly that make them happy.  

No matter who you are...or where you live.


Have a fabulously stylish week.    Don't forget Lafayette 148 (click here for more information) will be in town this coming Thursday through Saturday!