It All Starts With A Letter...

December 18, 2017

Let me start today’s blog with a Thank You to each and every one of you that supports our business whether that be our home or clothing store...and sometimes both.    

 Thank You K. Renee Customers!

Because of your continued commitment to us, it has allowed us to be able to give the most wonderful gift back.    A gift that all starts with a letter...

The nomination letter!

“I want to give her good news for once.    She deserves it; the whole family deserves it!”     The K. Renee team felt that this warrior family deserved it too.

I reached out to April’s sister (who made the nomination) to inform her that the family had been selected for our 2017 holiday home transformation.    And at that time, we also learned that Ross was scheduled for his 4th surgery (this past week) in Florida.  

 Ross before surgery!

April, her husband, and Ross would be out of town from Monday through Friday.   Kelli and Stacie were at clothing market in New York until late Tuesday night, so the first opportunity we had to go to the home and begin making our plans was on Wednesday late afternoon.   


Before picture!


At that time, we felt it would be much easier on the family if we would complete the living room transformation BEFORE they arrived back in Des Moines on Friday morning.   Which meant we had less than 24 hours to create a plan, make our furniture selections, hang drapes and install the furniture.    (But that's really not all that extraordinary for us - you would be surprised at how many "emergency transformations" we do.    Always prepared, always beautiful furniture in stock and ready to go!)

At this point, the immediate family did not know we were going to be transforming their living room.   It was going to be a welcome home surprise.    We coordinated with April’s sister who gave us access to the house on Thursday afternoon while we worked our magic….

Here is a view of just how it went down…

2017 Home Holiday Transformation from K. Renee on Vimeo.


So I suppose the only question left is....


How did they like it? 


The moment she sees...


Text from family













Ross approves!



And that is what this is all about. A ray of light, a moment of joy and unexpected surprises.   And what a beautiful, strong and amazing family!


 Our deserving family


Ross, April and their entire family are warriors and are fighting to defeat metastatic melanoma.      But they don’t fight alone.  Our K. Renee family (including each of you) are now part of the team that is rallying for Ross.   

If you could take a moment right now to send a prayer to this special family, it would mean so much.  You can also continue to lend your love and support by following  oss’s journey on Facebook at #Rally4Ross.

It puts it all in perspective, doesn’t it?   

We are sending each of you a warm virtual hug of THANKS for helping us be in a position to bring small moments of joy to deserving families over the holiday season.   This is our 4th year of the Home Holiday Transformation giveaway - the MOST cherished K. Renee tradition and the fuel that ignites our inspiration.


With all our love to you and hope that each of you has an amazing holiday,

Your K. Renee Team