Is Your Mojo Missing? 9 Ways to Get Your Groove Back.

July 24, 2017

Have you ever just woke up one day and thought to yourself, holy smokes, where did the vibrant version of myself go?  You look in the mirror and wonder who is that stranger looking back at you.   You drag through the day, the week, maybe even the year.    If this has happened to you (and it has to me), you may be suffering from “Lost Groove” Syndrome...and it is time to get it back!

It happens and it sometimes sneaks up on you.  To be honest, my groove comes and goes.    If I let the everyday stresses of life weigh me down before I know it my confidence starts to wane, I lose my groove, and I am certainly not moving toward the life I promised myself.   

But...when I’ve got my groove out.   The world is my oyster and my energy is high.    These are the days when my mojo cup is full!


Actually the word mojo (origin of word: Africa) relates to magic (you know I love that word)  that creates good fortune and power.  Yes!   The modern version of the word still also refers to a source of vigor, self confidence, energy, charisma, and empowerment. Mojo always comes from within and anyone can have it!    And we should all want more of it!

So today, I thought I would share how I (and all the amazing ladies that I work with) set about getting our groove (and mojo) going and back on track!  Let’s start with some easy things that can easily boost your confidence...


Blast a great music mix.   I don’t know why I don’t do this more often.   There is nothing better than getting ready for the day or a special event with some music that inspires.   Crank it up, feel the beat, sing the anthem and maybe even do a little dance (because no one is watching.)     All it takes is a bluetooth speaker, a mobile device and a few great songs!   


These days, Bruno Mars gets me pumped up and excited to take on the day!!!!


Get a spray tan.    Or, according to Lana Jones Gould, use a great self tanner product such as Skin Authority Sunless Tanner.    She swears by it.     


A tan will leave you glowing and always hides a multitude of sins.       Lana also shared that before any important event, she tries to get a hydrafacial which is a non-invasive treatment that  instantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves her face plump and firm.   Little things like this go a long way in helping you feel your best.




Surround yourself with great lighting.   There is nothing more mojo deflating than looking at yourself in a mirror that is surrounded by fluorescents and overhead lighting. Yuck.    And I promise, you don’t actually look like that!    Ladies, we need soft lighting... such as lamps, chandeliers that disperse light, candles and natural sun.    I promise no matter where you are, it will make you feel better.    

Now this lady (Stacie, one of our home stylists) has some mojo going on!!!

Put on the heels.   90% of the K. Renee ladies told me that wearing a great pair of heels make them feel more confident.   Why?    Because they make us stand taller and feel thinner, that’s why!    Instant mojo booster.


These beauties just came in from Rachel Zoe.   Love the bow detail and the block heel which makes them super comfortable and flattering all at the same time.


Change Something Up.   Sometimes we get into the bad habit of doing nothing different and this can be a serious mojo buster.    We wear the same things, our hair is cut the same, we go to the same restaurants, our home is the same as it has always been.   Same, same, same.  Reminds me of the movie “Groundhog Day” where a weatherman finds himself caught in a time loop, repeating the same day again and again...forcing himself to really take a look at his life and priorities.   

Change something up.   It doesn't always need to be dramatic!   I always get my mojo on by visiting Sephora and trying out a few new beauty products.   Makes me excited to get up the next morning and try out all my goodies.  A new perfume.   Waterproof eyeliner.   Moisturizer that promises a few less wrinkles!    I’m ready for the day.

Declutter and decorate your home - I promise you will feel GREAT.  Mojo lives in your home too right alongside you.   Your home can either surround you with a lot of emotional clutter or bring you more confidence and peacefulness.   And nothing feels better than walking in the the door to  a beautifully styled home, especially when it is yours!   




Think about it like a perfectly designed emotional space that is a critically important part of getting your groove back.  Believe me, I know.




Make an “A” effort.  Kelli told me that what really gets her going is finding and putting on a great outfit that makes her excited to walk confidently out the door of her home and ready to tackle the day.    There is nothing more powerful than a suit on those days you need a little extra mojo.    



And this suit just proves that dressing up doesn’t need to be stuffy and boring!   (Mojo does not thrive on stuffy and boring!)

Wear Clothes That Are Flattering.   Looking good will make you feel good.   Promise.   There is nothing more flattering than the perfect little black dress.    And this particular one suits all types of body shapes and sizes.  




This flowing stretch-blend dress has a wrap effect that falls gently to the hem.   It is a perfect go to for day to night dressing!

So the above suggestion might lead to the question...what really flatters my figure?   We all have our own ideas, but do we really know?      Find someone who can help you challenge your notion.   A person that works with all types of clothing styles and body types.      Our stylists help women get their groove back all of the time!   And this leads me to one of the most important tips to help you create a little magic (mojo.)




Enlist the help of a stylist.    One that has a knack for helping you maximize your personal mojo and your home mojo...or both.  We all have hair stylists.   We know this is something we can’t completely do on our own.    The same is true for your personal image and your shouldn’t have to do it alone.      And that is precisely what you will find at K. Renee.     The best in the business...home and clothing stylists.  



What can our stylists really do for you?   Our number one objective for each stylist that works at K. Renee is to help each client create their most confident image or realize their dream home.   

The K. Renee stylist team is available to make sure your clothes both suit and fit you perfectly; your home becomes more beautiful than you imagined; and ultimately saving you both time and money by helping you make decisions that you will love to live with.    

Dare to live life fully and beautifully.   Mojo is the armour that might just give you the extra dose of confidence and strength that you need to not only change your life for the better but everyone around you!