I Must Confess...

December 1, 2014

I must confess… I am a homebody. I cherish the time I can spend by my fireplace on these cold winter days curled up reading my favorite tale. I can honestly say the one thing that is so puzzling to people is the fact that I constantly engage in house projects for other people but rarely in my own.

I was moving my furniture around pondering a new spot for my Christmas tree and realized the chair I was sitting in was actually one from our farmhouse that I haven’t lived in for more than 10 years!

That’s an almost embarrassing fact for a furniture storeowner. Anyone who knows me would tell you that I have no sentimental attachment to THINGS in my life. After all I make a living in the fashion and furniture world where things never stay the same. So why hasn’t my chair made it to the dearly departed store of lovingly used but no longer desired?

Because like the conversations I have with many of you, my neutrals truly stand the test of time! My tone on tone stripe club chair in winter white still looks reasonably good and minus the fact that my personal taste has changed, it’s still very much in style.

There is so much resistance to lighter fabrics but I am here to tell you, short of bold abuse, neutrals are an excellent investment and stand the test of time.

I am drawn to neutrals for their zen qualities. Creamy ivories and chalky whites provide a serene backdrop that I am longing for by the end of the day. They don’t scream for attention, they allow the other elements in the room to speak.

Great textures like your favorite throw or your natural plants or trees come alive in the calm. When you tire of the neutral, add new pillows or a rug for a while. A whole new room awaits just by changing the accessories in a neutral space.

An all white palette could seem boring but not when there’s a marriage of many materials a room takes on a sophisticated elegance. Take for example the cool tones of this beautiful kitchen, it’s marble island and tile are invigorated by the warmth of the rich dark hardwoods and upholstered stools. A great gathering is just waiting to happen.

The same holds true in your living or family room. I am not a big fan of formal spaces and that is something that surprises many. It is important to create beauty in all the “living areas” of your home but not by being hostage to your furnishings.

Raising 3 boys and a nephew in a hundred year old farmhouse taught me a thing or 2 about the importance of serenity and NOT being hostage to beautiful things.

I had off white carpet back then and still have it in the home I am living in today. My grand kids are a big part of our life now and I wouldn’t have a home we couldn’t enjoy waiting for their visits each and every day.

Your home should be the place you love when you wake up and can’t wait to get back to at the end of the day. Neutral colors allow us the flexibility to create environments that last past the next new trend. The challenge really will just be finding those just right pieces that match your personal comfort and style.

I am a lover of natural elements like driftwood and geodes and organic pieces that remind us to pay a little better attention to nature. They are simple but important additions that create dimension to your tabletops or built ins.

As I mentioned earlier I was on a quest to find a new home for my Christmas tree, which is of course a flocked white tree that will sit almost exactly where my club chair is right now.

I have decided to have a retirement party for my old chair, it will probably find residence in one of our younger family members first home or apartment. I have my eye on several new options at the store… one of them being this classic swivel with a modern update. A swivel chair can turn for a cozy view of my fireplace and turned again towards the conversation area. Beauty and function in one.

Whatever I end up choosing will be a distant cousin of the club chair, no rolled arms or skirt on this one though. It’s time to switch things up!