I Am Proud

March 11, 2019

I am proud.   One of the best days of our year is always the completion of our Home Holiday Transformation.   And this year was no different.


I am proud to be part of an organization who makes outreach and giving one of its core values...and not only says it but does it as well.

I am proud of our team who are always available on days on and off to be a part of making a difference.

I am proud that we understand our gifts…


This year Ruth Harbor Ministries was nominated and selected to be our 2018 recipient.



Our 2018 gift rolled into 2019 for a couple of different reasons.  Primarily because after we announced our room transformation, another community-minded business, Zerorez of Des Moines, agreed to help Ruth Harbor Ministries replace their very worn and old carpeting in not only the rooms we were transforming but the entire 2nd floor.  

We all agreed that our work should begin after the carpeting had time to be ordered, replaced and installed.   

This little video continues the story…


Ruth Harbor Ministries Transformation from K. Renee on Vimeo.


It is so rewarding for all us to be able to give this gift of a truly peaceful and functional space.  All of YOU are really responsible for this gift.  It is your continued support of our business which allows us to be an organization that can share our love and gifts with families and non-profit organizations that have need.

Thank You!


On a much lighter note, I am grateful for another hour of daylight in the evening, right?    And this week, we want to give you a festive kick-off for all of you lucky ones that are heading out to a warm destination for Spring Break.    

This Wednesday, the clothing style team is going to be sharing their top 10 Spring break packing hacks all day Wednesday and serving “Spring-a-rita’s!”



It shall be a festive day and all about helping maximize your packing potential!  

And for those of you left behind, on Friday and Saturday, we will be holding the “Luck O’ The Draw” for a great Spring bag and 20% off anything green in the clothing store.     So, where are we all going on St. Patricks Day this Sunday?



Let’s make this a fun and celebratory week with Spring-like days just ahead!