Hygge in Your Home

February 26, 2017

What? Right off the bat the word Hygge (pronounced “HOO-gah”) seems so, (how shall I say it?), un- K.Renee-ish. And to be honest, when I first saw this term it made me think of some strange new dance move.




But actually Hygge is a huge new buzzword in the lifestyle and decor world.  The term is up 285% in recent Pinterest searches and there are over 1.8 million hashtags for Hygge on Instagram. 


So just what is this Hygge aesthetic that is dominating home trends?

Hygge is a word that actually has no real English translation but it essentially describes the feeling inside that you get when you are really comfortable and content. It’s a word of Danish descent that means creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life. Love it! This word (as strange as it sounds) is actually so K. Renee and goes arm in arm with our philosophy of Living Life Beautifully.

This is a home trend that is worth taking a serious look at! 



Here is the test. When you walk into a room, pay attention to your feelings. Are you inspired by your surroundings? Or do you experience a feeling of “blah” or even a little stress. It's the little things that can tend to pull you down on a daily basis. Things like clutter, heavy and dark drapes, worn down furnishings, collections that don’t mean much to you, or even the wrong colors on your walls.

You should be able to relax at home. Enjoy your family and friends in your space. Feel serene, content and happy. If these feelings don’t ring true then you may just need to make some changes and add some Hygge to your home.

I was just telling a customer the other day that I love being in my home so much that I have to be careful not to become a total recluse (after work that is)



But my home is complete Hygge (even before I knew the trend existed.) It is warm, welcoming and there are plenty of places to comfortably sit. It is just the right size for me, myself and I but equally perfect for large groups of people when I entertain.

The customer that I was talking to (who we just finished up helping her with her living room space) said much the same thing…”I just want to have people over to my space.” She hadn’t felt that in a very long while.

Hygge! (Hoo-Gah)

The Hygge decor trend and K. Renee have this in common… your home is more than a place that you sleep at night. It is your safe place. A place you LOVE to be. It’s where your recharge, unwind and reconnect with yourself and your family in your peaceful beautiful sanctuary.

Here are 7 Ways to Easily Add Some Hygge To Your Home...

Add Soft Lighting

Turn those functional overhead lights off and switch on (or add) chandeliers that will throw happy light around your home. 



It will be lovely. Harsh lighting is just that...harsh. Change out your bulbs for a little lower wattage and add light sources that vary in height. And no Hygge home is complete without some candles. 



Surround Yourself With Things You Love

We have all had pieces of furniture, accessories, lights and artwork that may be perfectly functional but we simply don’t like. Hygge is all about comfort, coziness and joy. The items in your home should support this beautiful concept. 



 Each room in your home should be a collection of items that work well together with a few things that stand out to you as extraordinarily special.

Create a Spa-styled Bathroom

This doesn’t mean you have to remodel to turn your bathroom into a sanctuary. We did a blog a couple of years ago on how I turned my aging bathroom into a beautiful new space.




A little artwork, a table for books and luxury bath salts, a new rug and fabulous lighting might be all you need to create an inspiring space to begin and end the day. Be sure to pick up a new robe to snuggle in! 


Hygge! (Hoo-Gah)

Add Lots of Texture

All cozy and warm interiors are full of soft luxurious textures which add such an important and needed dimension in creating serene spaces. Chunky knits, throws and textural rugs are all elements that are a must!


Accessories also provide a textural element allowing you to create a styled look in any room in your home. Mix and match different textures to help you create your Hygge home.

Make Your Bedroom More Inviting

Your bedroom should not be a forgotten zone just because no one but you (and yours) sees it. Your home is about and for you...and this important room needs to welcome you into it as a lovely, sensual and comfortable space...full of softness, texture and beauty. 



To really embody the Hygge feel, choose a soothing palette that is rich with cozy layers, pillows and throws. I’ve got to brag on our team...we have what I like to call ‘bed specialists’ on staff and they can help you create the most practical (washable), cozy and beautiful bed you could imagine. All you need to do is ask.

Use Lots of Blankets and Throws

Blankets and throws are not just meant for a bedroom. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to casually drape a small blanket or throw on important sofas and chairs in almost every room.



They always lend a certain warmth and softness to your home. Even when it is 100 degrees outside, our air conditioners tend to still give us a little chill and we need this comforting element in our homes. And they also say, “Come on in and stay awhile...comfortably.”   Perhaps my cat "Louie" can testify to this important element in your home.  If a cat could talk, he would be saying "Hygge (Hoo-Gah)"


Make Your Outdoor Space Comfortable Too

Your outdoor space is definitely Hygge-worthy. Gone are the days of stiff, uncomfortable (but durable) outdoor furniture. Instead, you have the option to create an inviting and comfortable outdoor living area to enjoy the warm days that are coming our way shortly. 



And the wonderful thing is you don’t have to give up durability for comfort. Our upholstered outdoor collection is something to see (and sit in.) 





This fabulous sectional just arrived and is sitting on the floor just waiting for you to come by and see it. Imagine how inviting your outdoor space will be at your next gathering with friends and family.

Hygge and Living Life Beautifully is a state of mind and all it requires is for you to decide to do more of what makes you happy.

The key idea behind Hygge is to enjoy the environment around you and nowhere is this more essential than in your home. So no matter where you are in your life, take the time to revel in the tiny moments that make you smile and uplift your soul.


This past Sunday the entire K. Renee team played a role in completing our 2016 Holiday Home Transformation for a deserving family in Polk City. 


I can’t wait to write the blog for next week and share this beautiful transformation with you. Our only goal was to create a space that provided some much needed comfort and joy...a Hygge home. Until then, I hope you found some inspiration for your own home.