How Does Your Home Speak To You?

April 24, 2016
How does your home speak to you? Does it say “Come on in and stay awhile!” or “You are beautiful, and so am I.”

Or does it passive aggressively send messages like “You loved me once a long time ago...can’t you just love me a little again?” or “I am here to remind you of days gone bye. You’re stuck, and so am I.”

I know, I know… that seems a little flaky, but I believe that your home either speaks to you in a language of love and joy...or in a language that constantly reminds you of days past and goals or dreams unmet.

I have a friend who often tells me that she doesn’t like being in her home and spends as much time avoiding it as possible. (We need to do something about that!) We all face this challenge in our homes at one time or another. And I think we underestimate the power of taking action to change things up to better represent our current lives, hopes, and dreams.

Two years ago, we had the pleasure and opportunity to change the language of the interior space in a lovely home in Urbandale.

Before (Left) & After (Right)

We helped our clients (Dawn & John) move away from a decorating style that no longer spoke to them in an inspired way. Above you can see the living room update and below is a small but effective update of their breakfast nook. As you can see (by my obvious arrows) just beyond the glass table is a three-season porch that remained untouched and unloved by our homeowners.

Before (Left) & After (Right)

Just a couple of weeks ago, John and Dawn came to us to help them work on their three season porch. Why? Because sitting in this space just felt chaotic, uncomfortable and left our wonderful homeowners with a stabbing feeling that something needed to be done...but no idea what.

So Kelli and Stacie met with them to talk about how they dreamed of using this space in a way that would connect their beautiful interior to this outdoor space.

The three season porch is a quaint room that measures 12 feet by 12. A small room you might say...that requires little things. Well, not necessarily.

What this room needed was furnishings that spoke in a way where you could not resist choosing this space to enjoy the warmth of the Spring and Summer air.

We had a wonderful outdoor sectional that was quite large but filled the small space perfectly and when placed in the room it clearly said to Dawn and John  “Come on in and sit for awhile… a long while.”

Personally, when I went over to take pictures of the room after it was complete… I just wanted to throw myself on the sofa and take up residence. And John and Dawn informed me that they had found themselves lingering in this room until the wee hours of the night enjoying great conversation and a nice bottle of wine.

This room has quickly become the go-to Spring spot in the house to unwind and relax after a long hard day. Kelli and Stacie placed an indoor/outdoor rug with a great zebra print pattern on the floor further making it soft and cozy.

At both corners of the sectional, the team placed additional lighting - a reading lamp in one corner and a floor lamp in the other to create soft ambience and functionality when they want to curl up with a good book.

They also provided John and Dawn with a small table and two chairs where they can enjoy the first cup of coffee in the morning or a casual dinner for two.

I love everything about this space! But what about John and Dawn?

We were thrilled to receive this little note that so eloquently expresses their feeling about the new three season porch that was finally refreshed and renewed.

I think we all underestimate the power of how our homes speak to us...because they do. Notice what pops in your mind as you enter your home and as you traverse your sanctuary. Are you content or are you creating a ‘some day’ wish list for your home? When ‘some day’ arrives for you, just know that our team loves nothing more than creating spaces that speak to you the way you have always dreamed.

Until next week,