Hello Someday Sometimes Means Goodbye

November 20, 2016

As I spent the last week thinking about my own Hello Someday goals and dreams and talking to coworkers and clients about the notion of putting into action the promises that we make to ourselves...it became apparent that sometimes to move forward we must say goodbye.

So just why is saying goodbye so darn hard?

One of the most difficult things we face in life is endings. An ending on whatever scale of the pendulum it is...is something that our bodies and minds heavily resist.  But without pushing ourselves to say goodbye (when the time is right) we have little or no chance of appreciating the things, people or experiences that are possible in our lives.

So before we get too heavy, let’s take this notion down to a scale of much less resistance and talk about the clues in a home that are signs that goodbye might be the first step to achieving a Hello Someday moment.

You know that you want an updated look but it seems impossible to find the “look” or “colors” much like you already have. This fact alone suggests that you might want to begin incorporating a new style in your home.

Many times this is driven by a dominant color palette that you chose some years ago combined with the notion that every element in your room should only feature those colors. Instead, think about neutralizing your walls and major pieces of furniture allowing you to bring the colors that inspire you today into your home.

Ouch. What we once loved and cherished, at some point, should be updated. As Rachel Zoe says about clothing “Style is who you are without having to speak.” The same thing holds true to your home. Your furnishings should evolve just like you have.

We all know that we need to update our clothes, shoes, and hair occasionally, why wouldn’t this be true for our decor and homes? Updating your home is about keeping it interesting and fresh. Even adding a few simple items like pillows, throws and new accessories can have a big impact on how you feel about your space.

I hear this a lot in regard to not only carpet but once beloved bolder furniture. Yes, I know things are built to last and you can still get good use out of them. But at what price? Carpet from the 90’s or even the early 2000’s (especially the colored and nylon carpets of the past) do nothing but date your home.

It is always a good idea to go neutral and natural with flooring and is an “instant” upgrade that will allow you to bring your home back to life. As far as your major upholstery, beware of the colors and patterns that you might love today and tire of easily tomorrow.

Almost every home built in the early 2000’s is filled with wood, especially maple and oak cabinets, floors, trim, wainscoting and doors. And while this ages your home (and especially your kitchen), a few coats of paint easily fixes this issue. 

Painting cabinets and trim white is always a no-fail choice and there are great colors that blend well with existing wood floors such as Decorator White and White Dove from Benjamin Moore. 

There are also great paint colors for your walls that won't bring out more of the yellow that the abundance of natural wood tends to bring. We have a few paint experts at the store that are always willing to work with you to select just the right tones for your home to help get you on the path to a transformed home.

Remember the day when rolled arm sofas upholstered in floral prints graced our living rooms? As you will often hear us say at K. Renee, fabrics in dramatic (especially colorful) patterns aren't generally a wise investment in upholstery and drapes. Today, they might be considered the “elephant” in the room. 

Never fear color lovers, you can always get your jolt of pattern in pillows and smaller pieces of upholstery. 



And can we talk wallpaper and borders? Talk to a real estate agent about them and they might just cringe. Believe me, there are some beautiful wallpapers out there and they should be used for a well thought out touch of drama. 




But ceiling borders (Yes, Mom, I am talking to you) and bold, florally patterned papers are a blast from the past...and look tired and dated.

I just had a conversation with an old friend who was telling me that they had lived in their house for sixteen years. It had been decorated with old Tuscany in mind and she was feeling the need for an update in their home. The obstacle? The expensive heavy drapery rich with tassels and jewel-tone colors that dictates the space.

Taking them down is the easy answer but as we all know, drapery can be a huge home investment...one that may make you feel like it's a lifetime commitment. There are many things that I am willing to make a long term commitment to but drapery isn’t one. Goodbye is hard, I know...but sometimes to say Hello Someday is just what you need to do.

Instead, we always recommend a more simple but beautiful approach by using exposed metal rods and grommet drapery panels that gracefully sweep the floor. They will transcend any changes or updates that you wish to make in the future. And something new for us at K. Renee… we are now carrying panels and rods that are in stock and ready to be hung in your home!

Perhaps I could go on, but you get the picture. But not to be mistaken... we believe that vintage pieces in your home are good, really good. But there is a significant difference between outdated and vintage.

Good old or vintage tells a story that brings you joy. Outdated is just something that you have and keep because it is there and still functions. Modernizing your home doesn’t mean throwing out the good. It means combining the good pieces with other things that make you fall in love with your home all over again.

But no matter what...goodbye isn’t easy.

And the team at K. Renee knows this all too well as we say goodbye to Dana Luke, one of our home stylists. Dana had an opportunity to have her own Hello Someday moment by moving to Omaha to start a life with a gentleman that she loves.

We are so thankful to have had Dana in our lives and in our business for the past two and a half years. We love you and wish you all of the best!!!

But she will be back in one way or another as she is family to us

May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving later this week. On Friday and Saturday, we’d love to see you and your family. We will have a calm place for you to shop, hot apple cider and healthy snacks for you to enjoy along with a special offer...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We are thankful for you.