Hello Someday!

November 13, 2016

I was in Chicago this past weekend with a few good girlfriends. A trip that I have been talking about taking SOMEDAY for the last several years.

Well, hello someday! I finally got it done. And had a great time exploring the city, wining, dining, spa-ing, relaxing and having great conversations with great friends. Priceless.

As we were taking a cab to dinner Sunday evening, we passed a Nike Store with the message written in its front window, “Say Goodbye to Someday.” Nike clearly known for their slogan “Just Do It”, was simply expressing the joy of putting someday (doing something for yourself) firmly behind you.

This simple phrase led to some great discussions at dinner about how wonderful and fulfilling it is to actually put into play things that have been kept at a distant someday. Working out, traveling, healthy eating, the list goes on. 


The very creative son of one of my girlfriends (who was at dinner with us) engaged in this conversation and said “the heck with say goodbye someday” why wouldn’t you just say a simpler and more positive “Hello Someday!” I agreed.

All of us have fallen victim to “someday.” And it is certainly one of those words that we hear too often from customers that wander through our store.

Someday, I will have a home like this. 
 Someday when the kids are grown. 
 Someday when the timing is better. 
 Someday when ________________ (fill in the blank). 

 Someday, someday, someday…

While ‘someday’ might feel like a word that promises that our hopes and dreams will be brought to life in the future, it is really a sneaky little word that when left alone actually works really hard to steal our dreams. For we know, in many cases, someday never comes. There is no other perfect time to say hello to someday than today.

One of my favorite things about K. Renee is that our whole business is wrapped around the concept of “Hello Someday.”  It is why we have chosen to fully stock our showroom with the broadest assortment of incredible custom furniture and all the fixings needed to create the home you have been dreaming about (someday) but making it available now.  With the holiday season just around the corner, there is still plenty of time to bring your home to life. Today can be the day.


We have all the custom and unique elements needed to create a space that speaks to your personal aesthetic no matter what style you envision for your home... whether you are a person with a flair for the dramatic!

Or are the type that prefers cozy and comfortable.

Perhaps someday you dreamed of having a ‘pretty in pink’ kind of space. Well “Hello Someday!”

You might be dreaming of something more sophisticated and eclectic. So be it!

Or perhaps, your home has a flair for the rustic with a nod to mid-century modern. It is absolutely possible to fulfill that vision.

Many of us love our tradition but want an updated feel. Our teams knows just how to blend the new with the old.

While others like their home to reflect a more global perspective. Consider it done!

With the world in a state of uncertainty, there is not time a more perfect than now to make your home a beautiful, safe place to unwind, relax and prepare for a new day to come. Living life beautifully isn’t for someday, it is for the here and now.

Take a few moments to think about all the things that you want to do someday. And consider how wonderful it will be to say…

It feels so good! We promise you will be inspired.

May your week be filled with "hello someday" moments.    I know mine will.    Today I will be tackling a 25 foot pine in my front yard that I have been saying someday I am going to put 5000 lights on it and trick it out.     Today is the day!