Head Into Fall With Polish & Ease

September 18, 2017

Every day last week (and the week before), several customers (or more) expressed that they were struggling with just what to wear as we head into fall.  One day it’s gonna be cool, the next hotter than hot.

And let’s face it, we all have that “back to school” feeling.  And who wants to start the school year with the same old, same old things in our closet, right? The kids have been armed with some transitional basics and so should we.

So today, we are gonna talk about how to cruise into this ‘tough to figure out what to wear’ season with polish and ease!

Styling Tip 1  



This is the time of year where you can combine a lighter weight fabric with something a little heavier.    Take that sleeveless dress that you have been wearing all summer and top it off with a light sweater and boots.    Or throw a great little jacket over that summer weight skirt and top that you fell in love with and add a black pump.  

Pair lightweight with heavier fabrics

It’s the balance and playfulness that makes it work!   Grab a leather jacket.  There is nothing easier than throwing a medium weight leather over a lightweight outfit for a great transitional look.

Leather jacket to help transition


Styling Tip 2

Black and white separates can help make the transition chic and easy

Black and white is always a reliable fall transition combo. It is classic, clean and modern...and has endless possibilities.   A pop of white underneath a print blazer paired with either black or white jeans creates a sophisticated and effortless look.

 Black and white for fall

Or pair one of your cool weather friendly black blazers with a black and/or white tee and a favorite jean.  It works!

Black and white for fall


Styling Tip 3


Leather skinnies are a wardrobe staple year round

On warm days, leather always looks good with a clean white tee.  And all you need to do is layer on a lightweight jacket or sweater for a transitional (chill-proof) combo.  Leather skinnies are always a go-to item in my closet.    

Leather skinnies - year round staple

I'm actually wearing a pair of black leather leggings today with a lightweight oversized silk top and booties.    I have four pairs in  my closet - two black; suede brown; and metallic tan.      Love them and love wearing them.   I am eyeing a suede plum (color of the season) to add to my collection.


Styling Tip 4 


Begin to mix in seasonal colors and prints

Although you will still be able to wear sandals for a few more weeks, just choose darker colors like brown and black. You can also start introducing animal prints in bags, belts and shoes. How fun are these flats?    

Mix in seasonal colors

Olive and rich browns are a great way to say fall.   This sleeveless sequin tank (below)  is a perfect way to transition from not only summer to fall but day to evening!


Rich brown for fall


Style Tip Five


Add a Layer Underneath for Extra Mileage 

Give your slip dresses, cold-shoulder tops, and jumpsuits some extra mileage by layering them over tees, thin turtlenecks, and button-downs.

 Layer underneath summer looks

As the weather turns, this can be your secret weapon for making all those sleeveless jumpsuits and dresses make your way back into your fall wardrobe.    Just try it!    Before you put away a favored dress or jumpsuit, throw a tee or turtleneck underneath.    Don't know what you think?   Bring it in and we will help you with the look.   


Style Tip 6


Transition with booties and boots

Yah!!   It's time to bring out the booties and boots and wear them with bare legs while the weather is warm and transition to tights when it begins cooling down. So many options.   Check out of 2017 Fall Shoe Report. 




Style Tip 7


Find A Few Easy Top Layers to Quickly Add or Take Away As Needed

Throwing on an inspiring top layer - a poncho, blazer, wrap or leather jacket over top of a dress or top is the simplest way to say and be prepared for fall.   

Denim cape

Somehow this poncho still has a summer vibe but offers warmth when needed.     Feel free to still go sleeveless when you have a lightweight leather on hand to ward off the chill of the night (or morning.)

Leather jacket lightweight


Fall transitioning is not an all or nothing proposition.  You will be taking elements from the season that is ending (summer) and combining them with the season that is beginning (fall.)   

Don't you dare put away your white jeans.   Simply fall them up by wearing suede booties instead of sandals.    Wear a summer tee but add a fall jacket.    Go ahead, throw on a summer weight sleeveless dress but add a lightweight sweater over top....maybe even a bootie instead of a sandal.  Have fun with your wardrobe.

So, a couple of things you might want to mark on your calendars...

We will be hosting our fall/winter Lafayette 148 and Leo & Sage Trunk show Thursday, September 28 - Saturday, September 30.    

Save the Date 

BUT before that…this coming Thursday evening,  (from 5 to 8) , we are going to introduce you to a new line that we are exclusively carrying, L’Agence.   

 French Jean line

This line may just have one of the best denim lines around and are known for their reintroduction of the new and modern 'French Jean'.  

Not only do they do great denim, but other fresh wardrobe staples that will be perfect for rebooting your fall wardrobe with some fun, casual pieces.    I promise (under great threat to our team), these pieces will not hit the floor until 5 pm on Thursday - and from there it will be first come... first serve!  

Here is a sneak peek at what you will see….


Along with the introduction of this fabulous new line, DJ and I will be sharing K. Renee’s top 8 essential fall items along with at least 3 ways to wear each. And,  I will be whipping up one of my favorite fall cocktails, a caramel apple sangria.  

 Carmel Apple Sangria

We hope you have a chance to stop by Thursday evening for a fun, casual night of styling and wardrobe collaboration.     

More than anything else, this time of year is about being playful and inventive!   It is what I love most about the season.   I know, I know...being “creative” with your wardrobe can be a little scary especially when you are not quite sure.   Believe me, I am never short on opinions (along with the rest of our style team) and will shoot straight with you if you want to come in and get some fresh new ideas for how to make this transitional season a little more exciting and fun!     

I am like a kid in a candy store with all of our new shoes, sweaters, jackets, suits, slack, tops and jeans that are arriving daily.    My imagination is going wild.