Halfway to 2020

June 24, 2019

So we are halfway to 2020. That's crazy, isn't it?    Remember how futuristic it seemed when we hit the Millenium change in 2000?   Even 20 years ago (in 2000) it was predicted that by the year 2020 we would all be living in a world where robots would be serving us and automobiles would be airborne.   

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And although technology has made vast strides and we have many cool new products and services...it seems the most significant advancement that we have experienced is more expensive cell phones.   

I found a few other 2020 predictions amusing.

In 1997, Wired magazine predicted that in 2020, we (humans) would arrive and potentially be able to live on Mars.    Thank you, but no.    Not interested.


In 2005, it was predicted that eating would no longer be necessary.   For goodness sake, why would this even be a goal?  Apparently, this thing called 'Nanobots" was going to be developed that would make the normal mode of human food consumption obsolete.    

Yeah, that's a good idea. I'm gonna swallow a little device that feeds my cells and cleans my blood, so I no longer get to eat. 


Just recently, we have been hearing a lot of noise about how all of our deliveries will soon be arriving on drones.

While we may have the technology to do some of this, the problems seem to outweigh the opportunities.  My dog has enough anxiety, so I can't imagine something like this ever happening in my lifetime…


In 1966, Arthur C. Clark, an inventor, and futurist believed that the dull homes of his time would be radically different by the time we reached 2020.  The house of the future "would have no roots tying it to the ground." No pipes,  foundations, or power lines from preventing its owner from moving the home to anywhere on the earth at their whim.  Communities could migrate or move to new lands when they needed a change of scenery.    

Hmmm, a vacation from home, I guess.

Well, I agree with one thing about this prediction, and that is you should have a home that feels as wonderful as a vacation.   And that is, in fact, possible both now and in the future.

So what does 2020 have in store for us regarding home design?  


The main objective for home design will continue to be about creating an environment that is welcoming, comfortable, and inspiring.   Thank goodness.  But as always there will be slight shifts in trend.  


2020 Design Trend 1: More Intimate Spaces

The open concept is fabulous in homes, and we will continue to see large gathering spaces, but you will also begin to see the desire to create a more intimate environment within a home with greater privacy.    Perhaps a room where you can go to gather your mind or have a private conversation in a smaller setting.  


This is a perfect trend for those of you with those unused dining and front rooms.  Perhaps in 2020, you will take advantage of these spaces and instead create a welcoming, intimate environment for small gatherings, great conversation, or just a place to go when you need peace of mind. 


2020 Design Trend 2: Neutrals Infused With Soft Tones of Color

Let's face it.   Neutral tones such as gray, white, ivory, and black never go out of style.   Period.    What goes in and out of style is what colors you choose to replace them with.  

One of the most common questions that we get is "Is gray still in?"


And I always say, "yes, it is.   It never went out."   Neutral colors (such as gray) allow for a wide range of classic combinations and styles that can easily be paired back to the trendier bolder, vibrant colors.   

Our advice is not going to change in 2030 either...and that is, to keep the foundational pieces in your home anchored in neutrals and add pattern, color, and texture to those pieces that you are more willing to replace to keep your home updated and representative of the time and trend.  

A color, however, that will continue to trend into 2020 and beyond is pink.  



Soft shades of pink have been present now for a couple of seasons, and you will continue to see it well down the road.   It just seems to give a serene and elegant touch to home decor.  



2020 Design Trend 2: Wood Thoughtfully Transformed

It seems that we have been working hard over the last 10 years to get away from the heavy look of wood.    And although the use of more wood is an up and coming design trend, the past can teach us a valuable lesson.

And that is...one material overused will date itself time and time again.   Just because you like a particular wood species and finish  (think yellow oak in the 2000s), it doesn't mean you have to use it for everything...the floor, sills, on the cabinets, and buy all of your furniture to match.  



Cheese and crackers, someone call the over-matching police.  We just had so much of it that we grew tired. Wood is a beautiful and natural material!   You need not only use one wood species in your home.   It can be represented in your accents, furnishings, tables, floors, cabinets in complementary (not matching) finishes.



2020 Design Trend 3: Leather

I'm gonna say it.   Brown leather has gotten a bad rap.   Not because it deserved it but because we overdid it.    I cringe every time I see a matching brown leather furniture set.



 And I cringe at myself because I had it back in the day when my husband convinced me that it was a good thing to do.   It wasn't. Overusing this beautiful material just makes it look ordinary and boring.   On the other hand, nothing is boring about these two brown leather chairs.    


One a modern tufted swivel and the other a gorgeous distressed beauty that is so comfortable. There are many soft, supple types of leather to choose from that do not require you to purchase a coordinating sofa or chairs.    Instead, let this beautiful material stand out on its own and be the star that it is.  



2020 Design Trend 4: Mixed Metals

Metals continue to be a force in our homes in all its variants: steel, gold, silver, pewter and all their finished versions. Why?   Because metals always bring brightness, luminosity and texture to our homes and they can be adapted for any style of home...from modern to vintage and everything in between.

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2020 Design Trend 5: Urban Living

There is an upswing in a desire for urban living with smaller spaces and the convenience of living in a developing downtown atmosphere.   All of us have friends that have sold their suburban homes (or have the desire to) and are heading to downtown Des Moines.    



In Des Moines alone, there are thousands of units being built while young and mature alike that are abandoning the burbs.  This trend is going to require some creativity in home design.   Smaller spaces can be equally as inspiring and comfortable as a sprawling suburban home...but you likely won't be able to achieve this by transporting and utilizing your old furnishings and decor.   It will be time to find a home design team that can help you transition beautifully to a functional smaller space and a new modern style of life.



2020 Design Trend 6: Variable Homes

Gone are the days when your living room has to be a predictable arrangement of a sofa pointing toward the TV.   The personalization of your home has now become a priority, and furnishing arrangements are now all about your lifestyle, interests, and needs.   

Do you know how many people are beginning to abandon their traditional dining rooms and instead create home offices or another kind of creative space that fits better with their lifestyle?  We all have a growing need for personalizing our spaces and allowing our homes to be fluid and variable.  


But how do you really do that?    When you re-create spaces, I think it's essential to enlist the creative talents of a team that does this often and does it beautifully. On our own, it can be challenging to imagine all the possibilities. Which by now, you know that I am going to brag about and recommend our home design team at K. Renee.    Whether you are moving into a new home, downsizing, or repurposing a space to better nurture your soul, our team is up for the challenge.   

Yes, 2020 will bring more and more technology changes.   I hope the ones that we really focus on in our world today are things like curing illness, living in peace, and sustaining our planet.     

But what the future holds for our homes, in my humble opinion, should always focus on creating an environment that promotes more moments of intimacy, joy, friendship, and family.    And to do that, you have to love how your home looks and feels...it should be a place that you can't wait to get home at night and wake up to in the morning in this decade and the next.

Have a great week. Let's make the last six months of 2019 something to talk about!