Go BOLD & Beautiful

May 7, 2017
There are days at K. Renee where I get stuck at my computer (which I actually like)

while working on various marketing projects. I meander down to the main home store now and again to see what’s happening and this time as I walked into the showroom, I heard an audible gasp. A gasp that sounded like shock and awe. Well, you know I had to explore.

As I walked to the front of the store and turned to the left, I quickly saw what was causing such a joyful ruckus...it was the bold and beautiful chandelier that had been hung.

I wasn’t kidding right, bold and beautiful. Yes, I know that most of you might think it is too large for a living room space and it might be...but what a statement it would be. This fixture would hover nicely at the entry of a home, telling its glamorous and sophisticated story to all that enter.

As I stood a moment and appreciated this statement light fixture, my inspiration for this weeks blog was born.

Go Bold & Beautiful.

Why not? Your home is the one place that no one dictates to you how it has to look and it’s an opportunity to make a statement that suits your personality which is totally unique.

So, how do you “bold up” your home and make your own statement?

The obvious answer might be to paint your walls with lots of bold colors. When using color, you basically want to pick one look for your entire house. A purple wall in one room, teal in another, and a shade of red in another generally doesn’t work well in a home. The idea behind using color is that is should flow rather than create a patchwork of opposite looks. 

At K. Renee, we tend to prefer the walls in a home be a palette of neutrals, whites and blacks to serve as a backdrop to gorgeous bold decor, pops of color you love and inspired lighting. Choosing one or two colors throughout your space creates a sense of unity that allows you to showcase more bold artwork, furniture pieces, accessories or rugs.


So what are the unobvious answers to going bold and beautiful? I have four thoughts to share.

For every bold piece of decor, think about balancing it with another neutral in your other furnishings or finishes.

The best rooms tend to combine something bold with something subdued creating a beautiful synergy. A bold side table and art piece with a neutral sofa. A bold accessory with a neutral beautiful piece of glass. Even the cocktail table follows this general rule...bold black and chrome combined with neutral glass.

Being bold in your home does not always mean color or pattern. It could mean a bold and interesting combination of furniture pieces. We found this oversized ottoman at market (which we couldn’t resist buying) surrounded with pillows and flanked by lounges and chairs. Oh, how I would love a room like this in my home. It screams comfort, conversation and personality.

A bold piece of furniture like this one-of-a-kind natural wood console definitely sets the tone for a house with personality. We are actually planning on installing this very piece in a home this month and it will not only be functional and beautiful but a bold statement for our bold and beautiful clients.

And this cocktail table below that will arrive over the next coming months is completely neutral and lushly bold at the same time. Love!

Playing it safe in your home can feel a bit boring. Life is just too short to be bored with the place you spend most of your time.

In the short term, it might feel more comfortable to DIY, use hand me downs or to buy furniture that feels like a deal...but in the long term, allowing yourself to make bigger and bolder changes with your home decor will provide you with a home you love and much more long term value. I promise.

Your home should always be the place that encourages you to be your best self. And holy smokes, I can’t believe that you wouldn't feel like your best self sleeping in this gorgeous and bold bed. Why not feel like you are waking up in a five-star hotel each and every day of your life?

So, you want bold and beautiful but just don’t know what to do? 



Okay, you know that we hope you ask us (shameless plug.)  But no matter who you talk to, it’s important to gain perspective because you may not be able to see all of your home’s possibilities. You may only see its problems. A fresh view will help you go bold and out of the safe zone.

Go for it.  Give boldness in your home a shot. I have no doubt that when we live in a space that energizes and inspires us that we take that same energy out into the world! Imagine the possibilities.