From The Runway to Your Home

January 9, 2016

Clearly, fashion and home interiors have a very close relationship at K. Renee… after all, we are the place…

This month our team is traveling the country curating both our stores.   Kelli, Jeff and I are heading to New York this week for Women’s Fashion Market. Next week, Kelli takes off again with Stacie to Las Vegas for an International Home Market.  And if that isn’t enough, Kelli and I will head to Dallas at the end of the month to the largest Lighting Market of the year.

Whew…Kelli is going to be tired! But it is so worth it to find and bring the best of what both fashion and home have to offer and bring it back home to Des Moines.

On our market trips, we often see the same inspiring trends crossing over between both our clothing and home store. I thought it would be fun to explore our love affair between fashion and home décor and how 2016 runway trends might inspire you!   Beyond updating your closet, runway trends can provide simple touches that can give your living space a modern boost.

So here are five of our favorite spring runway trends that you can easily translate into your home!

Fringe continues to be a major trend not only in fashion, but also in interior design.   For a transitional look in your home, go with fringe in light hues and on something simple like a textured throw or pillow.  For a bigger look...

Some of our favorite lighting vendors are jumping on this 70’s inspired resurgence by utilizing its best quality of texture, movement and just plain old fun!

Again in 2016, comfort is king.   You will see more simple dresses and relaxed pants with casual, easy to care for fabrics.   One of our favorite new lines, Emerson Fry, is one of the best at creating strong, beautiful, yet comfortable pieces.   How does this translate to our homes?    It's a nice reminder that we should put extra effort into making our homes our personal sanctuary, a place to live and relax.  Perhaps it's time for an oversized sectional or a super plush rug?  

Yes, black is always in style on the runways, but this year fabrics are touchable and soft, yet structured.

Some might think that black can be intimidating in your home, but its all about playing with finishes and fabrics that certainly can make a black room feel bright and vivacious.   Bring in patterned pillows, hides and lots of gold accents to keep it modern and fresh.   

What would the spring runway be without a little shimmer?   You will continue to see sequins, satin and silk.   Personally, I love a little shine not only in my wardrobe but at home.   It adds texture, contrast and just a touch of glamour to a room.    We often see sequin or metallic pillows, but how about incorporating a beautiful silver dresser into your master bedroom or entry way to bring some life, light and elegance to the room?   Beautiful!

The one thing that a successful runway and a beautiful home interior always have in common is the wonderful textures.   Keeping in line with the ‘70s trend, this springs favorite texture will be beautiful suedes and unusual leathers.  The runways were full of suede and leather dresses, coats, bags, skirts and sandals!    Leathers are also a soft, touchable surface that also make it a winner for spectacular furniture pieces.   We just put this magnificent leather coffee table on our home floor.   I love everything about this rich room above inspired by the unique leather table.

As we translate the runway to our closet and our homes, it's always important to remember that while trend is important and offers inspiration, your style should still reflect what you love and how you want to live.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it?   Sometimes it’s just plain tough to translate the great ideas in your head… and that's where finding a style team that can help you to create a magazine worthy home or a look that can stop traffic might be just what you need.    

That’s the K. Renee passion… to not only learn how you want to live and want to look...but to deliver on our promise that you will be inspired!