From Big to Small and Everything in Between

October 11, 2015

From my own personal experience, the idea of transformation can sometimes be overwhelming.    There are some things I am fearless about and embrace change like an old friend.   But in other aspects of my life, my feet get stuck in the mud.    As a recent empty nester, I have many changes to adjust to and a new personal story (and hopefully interesting) to write.

As I continue to think about this idea of transformation in my own life, I've realized that it takes four actions to begin to really make a meaningful change.   

First, the "Desire" for things to be different.   Second, is "Purpose".   Am I willing to take an action small or big that will make a difference?   

Third, is develop "Partnerships" with others that are willing to help me make a difference.   And fourth is "Urgency".   I can sit around telling myself that I want things to be different but until I develop a sense of urgency (even if I am willing) my feet will remain stuck in the mud.   

I also find it interesting that these same four actions play out almost everyday at K. Renee as our team of stylists become a "partner" to our customers desire to make a meaningful change in their homes.   Transforming your home doesn't have to be overwhelming.   And creating meaningful change doesn't necessarily mean having to start over.   Sometimes taking small steps is all you can do at this moment in time.  

Our team is always thrilled to work with our customers for whatever they desire in their homes.    Here are few examples of transformations that we've done from big to small and everything in between!

A transformation can be as simple as finding artwork to fill a space on your wall that seems empty and lifeless.   In this case, three small prints turned this bathroom from blah to spa.

Our team first helped this client pull together bedding and pillows for their master suite.   And while that small change made a big difference, our client wanted to continue developing this space.   The dark wood sleigh bed was replaced with a beautiful upholstered bed (while still using the bedding) and we added a few additional layers such as the rug, ottoman and artwork to transform this master suite into a serene setting.   

We have a wonderful client that lives on a century farm in Northeast Iowa.    Her living room was overdue for an update.    Except for a few items with special meaning such as the wood shelves and the coffee table that had once been a baby's crib...she had decided that everything needed to go.   This is really one of my favorite transformations because it took our client several months to decide that she really did deserve a living room that she loved. 

Built-in cabinets are great for storage but can often create a great challenge on how to make them a beautiful part of a room.   Transforming this kind of space in your home can make a big difference!

We often help clients that have moved into a new home complete spaces where they didn't previously have furniture or just wanted to completely start over!    It is the beauty of having a store full of furniture, rugs, accessories and artwork in-stock and ready at a moment's notice to install.   Move in on Thursday, dinner party on Friday.

We also love helping our clients figure out what to do to make their space special using some of their existing furniture.   In this case, our clients wanted to keep a fairly new leather sofa, chair and ottoman.    To bring this room to life, we added pattern and texture to break up the mass of the dark leather.   Warm, comfortable and family friendly!  

But there are also times when our customers have grown tired of an old look and want an entirely different feel.   I think this is a great example of how a traditional home can achieve a modernized look.

Our K. Renee teams works with all types of homes and budgets.    We've even tackled a small apartment giving our client a big look in a small space and limited budget.  

Sometimes a meaningful change includes just a few tweaks.   A new sofa and a patterned rug along with a different arrangement have transformed this living room space.   

If you desire a change and want to take action... we are always grateful for the opportunity to be your partner in meaningful change.   Our stock to sell philosophy is all about our own sense of urgency for living life beautifully!

We love helping our clients create a meaningful change in their homes.   In this case, our clients wanted to keep the leather sofa, chair and ottoman.   But to bring this room to life, we added some pattern and texture to break up the mass of dark furniture.