Frank's Take: Styling Yourself and Getting Dressed. Not the Same!

March 26, 2016

By Frank Vaia

You know the drill…shower or bathe, do your hair and make-up, throw on some clothes and then off to work, dinner out, a party, whatever. 

To me, that routine is called “getting dressed”.  We’ve all done it.  Or do it. Imagine how great you would feel if every time you walked out the door you felt pulled-together, confident, glamorous, or whatever you desire to be.   Always (90% of the time anyway) stylish. 

 “Look out world, here I come”, you say to yourself! Of if you’re a bit snarky, “Head turners, don’t sprain your neck”!  

I’m betting that some of you do style yourself. Kudos to you! And how inspiring for those of us who profess “living life beautifully”.  Hey, I want to sit next to you at the restaurant. 

On the other hand, we can also relate to those of you who do your best given often hectic lives that might not always center around just you. Styling yourself?  Yeah, right!   You may barely have time to make sure your clothes are put on right side out. 

Here’s some good news…ramping up your personal style is not hard work. Chances are good that it’ll take some de-cluttering, planning, fashion advice, and yes, shopping. (You knew I would plug K. Renee sooner or later.)

And now here’s some well-intended advice…start by (or continue) working with the styling team at K. Renee. 

Just relax and put yourself in our hands.  DJ, Lana, Sherryl, Julie, Susy, or Frank (me) draw on our fashion backgrounds and experiences to bring out the best in your style…outer and inner. I say inner because we want to understand the “where's” about you: coming from, are and want to go. 

Let’s start by digging right in your closet. Literally. 


Give away what you don’t wear. Not worn it within the last year…time to go! 

 There are plenty of places or organizations that would be grateful for your donation. In fact, At K. Renee, we are supporting an event called Preloved, a pop-up shop of upscale donated women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories benefiting Blank Children’s Hospital. You can drop off your items at our store this coming Thursday, March 31st from 5 to 7 in the evening!  Better yet?   If you bring items to donate on Thursday evening, you will get a 15% discount on your new purchases in our clothing store.  

And the best part is that the de-cluttering will wind up giving you a better view of the available and serviceable pieces you own. 

Try on some things.  Have a fashion show for yourself, or invite a trusted friend whose style you admire to give you feedback. Keep it fun!  Remember the outfits that work and make them your go-tos when pressed for time.   Don’t you dare ignore your shoe choices. Even as a guy, I always, always begin getting myself together by choosing the pair of shoes that will be appropriate, or more often, killer.  My golden rule! 

Next step to becoming a stylized you…shopping. Yeh!!  

Who doesn’t need a few outstanding white blouses? Whether dressy, casual or somewhere in between…collared or not, longish, flared at the waist, really long, fitted or not…white shirts just work so effortlessly when worn with jeans, pants, leggings, etc. or under jackets, sweaters…you get the picture. 

And when you have great belt options in your closet…that’s what I call styling made easy.  

I just mentioned jackets, right? Next to my spouse, dog, shoes and peonies at the end of May, I love them. They can complete an outfit, take star billing, be worn with almost anything, and keep you warm, especially in this year’s unpredictable spring weather. Consider adding some to your closet. 

Some super versatile and stylish choices are in leather, fine wool, knit fabrics and linen.

I’ve rambled. Yet hopefully I’ve made my point that with some editing of your closet, planning well-thought-out, go-to outfits, fashion advice and a few key purchases you will always look and feel your stylish best.   Now, who can I join for dinner?

Look forward to seeing you at K. Renee!

Frank (

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