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November 18, 2019

So, what do you give a woman who has everything?   Yes, it can be tough.


In my opinion, you give her thoughtfulness, memories, and something that you believe will make her even more beautiful in your eyes.  It is as simple as that.

How do I know?   

Let me share with you a little story about the best gifts I have ever received...ever.   

It all started for me in about 2002, when I was running my own business, Vivid Edge Productions, out of my home. This was years before I became a partner at K. Renee.    

Back in those days, I created and produced video training programs on topics such as sexual harassment, discrimination, and motivation. 

One of my husband's ( Frank) favorite videos that I produced and distributed was a short 5-minute meeting opening called "Leadership, Uncommon Reminders For Bringing Out The Best In Yourself and Others." Frank, at the time, was a leader at Pioneer Hi-Bred. He would often share this video during presentations to his employees. Why? Because he could say something meaningful and emotional without having to say it himself.   

When you have a moment...take a peak.   5 minutes that might inspire.

 Volume up.   Music starts about 20 seconds in...

I know, I digress...and got a little off-topic, but I thought you might enjoy a little Monday inspiration.   

Because I was working out of my home, I got a little off my game of looking and feeling my best.  Frank always left the house, looking quite dapper and ready to tackle the world. I, on the other hand, had settled into the comfort and ease of yoga pants and t-shirts, heck, no one was going to see me, right? While it was comfy and seemingly practical, I began to feel schlumpy.   


Not an actual picture of me.  Lol.   Simply a depiction of how I was feeling.

And then it hit me...

When did I stop bothering to get dressed every day?  And when did I let my husband become better looking than me? Now, that was a problem. And if I didn't find myself attractive, why on earth would he? 

Long story, short.  I began looking for a solution to de-schlump myself, which is when I first stumbled upon K. Renee and slowly began to reinvent my personal style.

And Frank began to notice. (Now, that is a great side-benefit, right?)  He noticed so much that HE wandered into K. Renee before a trip we were taking to New York and bought me an unexpected gift of two complete outfits (including shoes) for our get-away. What? Really? How cool was that?  I will never forget it.

 (PS. New York was a blast, and I felt like a million bucks! The leather jacket below was part of my haul way back then...which I still wear today...17 years later.) 


I have to tell you, I felt so loved, so acknowledged, and so visible when Frank bought me such personal gifts.  And you know what I loved the most?    

For the next eight years, for almost every birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or just because...purple boxes magically appeared at the door or under the tree.  


Funny this was that Frank was a better K. Renee customer than I.  Of course, I would spend too much time trying to be practical. Frank was the kinda guy that would go big or go home...and that is how he approached gift-giving. Practical was not in his vocabulary. He would simply call the boutique and tell one of the girls what kind of outfits he wanted.   Frank knew that the clothing K. Renee carried was classically beautiful and would be in my wardrobe for years to come.  He felt great about both the investment and the quality.




The style team would create several different looks for him to choose from and then Frank would stop by the store on his way home from work and point at the outfits that he loved.   The next day, he would swing by and pick up the legendary K. Renee beautifully wrapped purple boxes...and don't you know, I always knew something fantabulous would be inside!


As you might imagine, my female friends were quite jealous of my husband's gift-giving abilities. And I never took it for granted. He was, in my opinion, a modern-day Superhero with extraordinary powers that never failed to delight, surprise, and hit just the right mark.  


Frank passed away unexpectedly in 2010, but he left indelible marks that will never be forgotten.  His time, attention, and care of me when it came to gift-giving is among some of my most special memories of our past life together.   

So my advice to you gents is that there is no time like now to be a hero this holiday season. 



And for the ladies that happen to be reading this Men's only blog… my advice to you is never, and I mean never, return the gifts that your man has taken the time to pick out for you.  Size swaps, yes. "But I don't like this" - NO.  All you're doing is saying, "don't bother," I can't be pleased. And guess what, he won't bother.   

The first year, Frank and I were married, he gave me running clothes and shoes (and at the time running was not on my radar of things to do.)  When I opened the gift, I immediately jumped to the conclusion that he thought I needed to get in shape. I was actually insulted and took the entire gift back.  




What I learned much later was he bought me those gifts because he thought running would be a great thing to do together. He had always wanted to run a marathon and secretly hoped I would join him on the journey.  Years later, I did.    



But the damage I had done by insulting his gift-gifting left me without many gifts at all (for several years) because he assumed that I could not be pleased.  And he didn't bother. Looking back, I can't blame him a bit.   

When I finally figured out what I had done, and when he began selecting gifts for me once again, I never...and I mean never returned them. It is truly the thoughtfulness that counts!

So gentlemen, we truly want you to find things that she will love. And we want you to be a superhero in her eyes.   December is coming up fast. Our style team is ready, willing, and able to help you pull together some beautiful looks for your leading lady.  

 Have a wonderful week and thanks for letting me tell my story,










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