First Look | We Promise You'll Be Inspired :60 Spot

October 5, 2020

To say we have been busy at K. Renee is an understatement!      As I am sure you can imagine, we are extraordinarily grateful for the opportunity to help our clients make their homes a place that they love.   

As began 2020, one of our goals was to update our existing TV commercials that have been airing primarily during the morning news. But with everything we faced last Spring, we put the production of our new commercials on serious hold.  

A couple of Sunday's ago, we decided to lift that hold and get to work! For those familiar with video production, you know it always takes longer than it seems it should, basically a 9 to 5 day of shooting beautiful goods and talent, which is why we all came in on Sunday when the store was closed to have some production fun.  (Kelli might argue that as she is not a fan of being on camera - but as you will see does a fabulous job!!!) 



Our vision for this series of commercials was to create a full minute commercial that would tell our complete story and then create a series of shorter standard thirty-second commercials to support our message.  

We won't start airing this commercial until after the election (although it seems like we could all use a dose of beauty now and again.) Instead, today, we release the World Premiere (that sounds so grand, doesn't it?) of our new spot!   I hope you enjoy it!



It was a fun little diversion for us, but now we are back transforming homes, bringing in new gorgeous clothing and home inventory!   




Stop in for a little inspiration.   I promise you'll be inspired.