Feeling in a Funk

March 8, 2015

I admit it.   I have been in a funk for the last several weeks.    I know, I know… it could very well be the effect of a long cold winter and the days that are shy of sunshine.    Today, there is a sense of hope as we get an extra hour of daylight and the promise of warmer weather ahead.

But the reality is also that we lead imperfect lives and if we’re not careful we can allow circumstance and todays reality to pull us down into deep dark places where nothing good grows.

Why do I share this?   Because every day I have the opportunity to meet new people that pass through our stores and gain insight into their lives in one way or another.    And it’s not just me.    The battles that we all face are just plain tough and quite honestly not fair.

At K. Renee, we believe that it is our purpose to offer services and products that are an important part of living life beautifully even in the face of the deep dark twists and turns of life.

When I am down and out, it is in my hands to make the choices that are within my reach that help lift my spirits and regain hope for a bright future. There are ways (small and large) to add elegance, order, beauty and joy to our lives each and every day.   How?

Create a home that reflects a bright future

Most of us spend the largest portion of our lives in our home. And it is truly important to pay special attention this space. As I have heard Kelli say many times, “Your home should be the place that you can’t wait to wake up to and to get home to at night.”

Having an inspiring home is something that you CAN control in your life and something that our team prides ourselves in doing each and every day at our home store.

On that same note, most of us spend an average of 10 hours in our bedroom. It should be a beautiful, private sanctuary. It should suit you. Does yours? 


Dress like you have the world by the tail

I don’t know about you... but I have days where no matter how hard I look, I can’t find that tail to grab.     And when I play into it by giving up on how I choose to look, I feel even worse about it.   When I look dreary, I feel dreary (and that is not a pretty sight!)

Instead, I have learned that looking good translates into feeling good and regaining my sense of confidence and optimism. 


I love this great look from Lafayette 148!    (On March 26 through March 28th , we will be hosting a Lafayette 148 spring and summer trunk show where we will have an opportunity to see all the beautiful looks their spring and summer collection.)   

There are many elements to fighting the blues with your wardrobe…

Find an outfit that expresses your personal style at its best.   I guarantee you will feel happier, more confident and will absolutely lift your spirits.

Choose a great pair of shoes that can make you stand straighter and walk with purpose.

Add a special piece of jewelry.

And wear clothes that fit you properly. You can easily shave 10 pounds of your frame by choosing flattering styles and having them fit perfectly. That’s why alterations (which is part of our complimentary service at the clothing store) are so important. None of us fit one size just perfectly. Hems need to be taken up, waists taken in or let out just a stitch. If your clothes don’t fit right…you don’t feel good.

Choose to be happier

Yes, I know… this seems a bit trite. But I actually do believe that choosing to be happy is a personal choice.

The immediate people in my life have heard my personal goal to have 20% more fun this year. 20% seems do-able and it holds me accountable for pushing myself out of my comfort zone. How many times have we all begrudgingly gone to an event or accepted an invitation to do something when all we wanted to do was go home and get under the covers?    And despite ourselves, we end up having a blast or a great experience.

By stating this goal, my friends hold me accountable. I have a girl friend that will call on a Friday night (when I have decided the best course of action is to just go home after a long day) and say, “You know your 20% goal? Meet me for a glass of wine tonight.” And guess what? I will now usually go.

I choose to have 20% more fun. I’ll let you know at the end of they year if I met my goal! What about you? What do you choose?

Find your own weekly rituals that can nourish your soul

There are so many simple things we can do every week to lift our spirits!

Grab a bundle of fresh flowers…bring them home or give them to a friend. They always bring a smile. At our clothing store, we try to keep fresh flowers on hand for just that purpose. It’s joyful for us to send some beautiful flowers home with our guests as a simple thank you for dropping by to see us.

Or how about adding a pleasant fragrance to a room that you pass through often in your home? Aromatherapy is a well-established strategy for altering our mood and lifting our sense of psychological and physical well being.  So easy to do.

Clean it up. I don’t know about you but I love it when my house is freshly cleaned and when everything is in its place. It’s like a mini-fresh start. With two dogs, a black cat and an 18 year old, chaos can quickly ensue so my weekly ritual of putting everything back in order soothes my soul.

Do It Now, Not Later

Why is it that we at times put off something that we know can bring us a bit of calm and joy? I have been putting off organizing my personal taxes and as a result I carry this nagging weight each and every day that passes knowing that I must get it done. Why do I do that?

And I hear often at both of our stores… “I will buy a great outfit once I lose a few pounds” or “after the kids grow up, I will create my dream space”.

Really, there is no good reason to delay an opportunity for joy, satisfaction and calm in our lives. Honestly, we don’t know what new conflicts and chaos will present themselves in the future. The perfect time to act on something that you want and need to do is now.

Living Life Beautifully is a choice and a challenge. I am up for it!    How about you?