Favorite Things This Week

July 19, 2015

Well, we are approaching the middle of summer.    It goes way too fast, doesn't it?       This week I have been thinking about my...

...and one of my all time summer favorites is sweet corn!    Last summer,  I was almost criminal by not taking the time to stop and get fresh corn.   And my daughter,  Sydney, will not let me forget it.   So this year, I vowed not to miss the opportunity.

I promised Sydney that I would not only pick up and prepare sweet corn for her but also cook enough so I could freeze it for the months to come.     I happen to have a great recipe given to me by a friends mother that insures the taste of summer corn all winter long.

So simple... and so tasty! 

Sue's (Amazing) Frozen Corn 

  • Peaches and Cream Sweet Corn - Angel Food Pan Full
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 2 cups water

The first thing that you do is cut the corn off the cob using an angel food pan.     It really helps stabilize the corn for clumsy people like me.  

Once the cake pan is full,  throw it all in a large sauce pan and mix all ingredients together. 

Bring to a boil and cook for about 3 minutes or until the corn is vividly yellow.  

 Let cool completely.      And then simply package the corn in whatever serving size works for you!     I cooked three large batches and am only hoping that Sydney and I don't eat it all before she leaves for college in a month.  Yes, we like corn.


I've also been spending lots of time at the Des Moines Home Show over the last couple of weeks.    And have had the pleasure of seeing thousands of people who are looking for inspiration for their own homes. 

I thought I would share some of my favorites from Home #3 by Luxe Homes and Interior Designer Ellen Moore.    As many of you know, K. Renee furnished and styled this home (click here to see pictures of all the rooms) but there are other details in the home you might just want to see...

The first of many favorites is the great room fireplace.     It features white quartz, an oversized gas fireplace, and a marble hearth.    

What makes it even more special is the accent lighting that surrounds the custom frame.   Such wonderful mood lighting for this beautiful room.   

The entire first floor is a weathered oak floor with 6 inch planks.   The wood is stained with grey tones and are not only gorgeous but durable and family friendly.    I have something similar in my own home and can vouch the oak floors are pet friendly as well.

Just behind the kitchen sits a pantry complete with a second refrigerator, sink, microwave and tons of fun extra storage and counter space.     This 'hidden' room is perfect for entertaining and keeps the mess (that some of us cooks make) behind closed doors.     If I ever built a new home, this would be on my radar to add to the home.   

The next of my favorite things is the lighting!    These glass pendants are show stoppers.

I love the traditional cut glass pattern in these updated light fixtures.    Most of the spectacular lighting in the home was provided by K. Renee... including these!

The custom cabinetry in this home is also something to see.     And in particular, the basement bar stands out as really special.    

The gold metal trim to the hand etched wood that faces the back of the bar creates such an elegant, sophisticated entertaining area.   

As I was taking a closer look at the custom details, another favorite caught my eye.... a pear.

Yes, the Williams Birnen Brandy actually does have a pear in the bottle.     And after asking a few more questions, I learned that when the pear was just a bloom a bottle was placed around it and then tied to a tree with wire.    How cool is that?      Once the pear reached maturity, the bottle was filled with a delicious pear brandy. 

Personally, I think this would make the most talked about  (and loved) hostess gift ever... and the bottle only runs about $60.   Hmmm, can't wait to go to a party and bring this!

Well, I could go on with more favorites.     Instead, I encourage you to visit the last weekend of the home show next Thursday through Sunday.   And if you do go... don't forget to pick up one of our cards available in the house to receive 10% off your next purchase in our store.    Definitely worth your trip.   

I have one last 'favorite' thing this week.... and that is the K. Renee team.    Most of the gang had a chance to attend Variety's "Polo on the Green" on Saturday night.    It was such a great event benefiting the kids of Central Iowa and it is always fun to get dressed up for a night out together.    Doesn't everyone look great?

Have a wonderful week!    We look forward to seeing you at the home show or at either one of our stores.