Fall Tips For Warming It Up

October 16, 2016

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."   F. Scott Fitzgerald writes this iconic statement in The Great Gatsby. Fall typically is thought to be the “beginning of the end,” with harvests, the end of summer, and nature beginning to shed its leaves and head into dormancy.

I like the idea that life starts all over again at the beginning of each season; fall, winter, spring and summer. And for me on some occasions, the relief that I can start fresh at the beginning of each and every day.

In particular, fall brings to me a level of new excitement. I get to stop wondering if my pedicure is acceptable as I now slip into all of my favorite boots and closed toe-ed shoes. Yeah! Pedicures now become a luxury not a necessity.

Leather jackets and warm comfy sweaters...I’m ready! I actually enjoy cold weather dressing so much more as I build layers of great texture, throw on a fur vest and my over-the-knee boots. I can conquer the world.

But beyond fashion, it is also time to renew our homes. The days are quickly becoming shorter and we will fall back inside as the weather no longer welcomes us outside. Not only that, fall and winter brings occasions to gather with our families. And personally, I can’t wait!

So, let’s embrace this renewal and bring home a few ideas that warm you up!

Not only will adding some eye-catching texture to warm up your space, but it will begin to add some winter (yikes, I said it) glam to your space. You can’t go wrong by investing in some beautiful new accessories in golds, silvers and shades of bronze. Simply make sure that you have enough pieces of your variety of metallics used throughout your room.

If your coffee table has housed the same items for the last several years or even months, move them around. Take down all those dust collectors from your bookshelves and create a new luxe arrangement. It’s time to create some excitement at being inside YOUR home.

Look down at your floors. Do you love what you are seeing? If not, layering new rugs (or even hides) is always one of the most economical ways to make a big and new impact. Rugs add a welcoming touch to your home. Whether or not you have installed carpet in your great room, you can usually add an interesting 8 by 10 rug to the space, not only adding comfort, but many times the missing (and much needed) layer that finishes an otherwise bland room. It's the perfect opportunity to have fun with some pattern and texture.

Yes, yes, I know. You’ve heard this before. But we go back to it so often because it is HUGE for helping you fall in love with your home all over again! An amazing throw or some fun new pillows can instantly change the vibe in your space. The pillows we have are so very beautiful! And the throws that have been coming into to store, make me want to snuggle up and enjoy the moment.

Really, you ought to be thinking about how to seasonally change these elements on a regular basis. Your linen or spring colored pillows and cotton throws should be carefully tucked away to make room for lux faux furs (or real ones) and rich textured pillows that bring you both comfort and joy.

Snuggling up in a warm bed is that much more important when it gets cold outside. We have so many great instock options for creating the most glamorous yet practical beds. Not sure how to do it? Our stylists are expert bed makers and can pull together a great look for you that is not only comfortable, but washable!

Many of us have important rooms anchored with a (ugg)

ceiling fan. While these eye-sores do move air around, ask yourself how important is this feature in your home. Furnaces have fans for just this purpose and we don’t use them enough to justify the lost opportunity of an illuminating light fixture.

Another easy way to begin to say “Fall” is to create some transitional center pieces. I used to go hog wild on the Halloween decorations as it was my late husbands favorite holiday.

Okay, this dignified man loved to play dress up and totally trick out the house. So, of course I was all in! But it doesn’t seem as much fun without him, so I now resort to a more elegant way to express my love of the season filled with so many family gatherings.  I have been itching to try a new project (succulent pumpkin planters) that is simple and will look lovely on my kitchen table, so here goes…

First, I had to visit the pumpkin farm. This year, I want to work with white pumpkins. Not only do I think they are pretty, but they transition well to Thanksgiving and even Christmas.

Step one of this project was to pick out my pumpkins. The trick was to find a few pumpkins that were somewhat flat on top. Needless to say, I found more than a few. Once that was achieved I stopped by Michaels to picked up a few supplies.

All I needed besides my pumpkins were a variety of mini-succulents (found at Home Depot), a package of moss, tacky spray and glue. 

I decided three succulent pumpkins was plenty. I chose the ones that had the best flat top to create the base and sprayed each with tacky spray. Tearing a little moss at a time, I simply created a small mound where I would then glue, yes glue, my succulents to the top.

Starting at the center, I started building my design by glueing the root of each succulent to the moss one at a time. Surprising to me, I found out that these very durable plants attract water from their leaves and will eventually send more roots out to the moss. So it is perfectly fine to cover the bottom of each stem with glue.

Voila! A quick little way to begin setting a fall scene. It was surprisingly easy. For a girl with no green thumb, I have to say that I am proud of myself.

The last warm it up tip that I have is this…

Does your home welcome you inside? Do you feel relieved to be there after a long day? If it doesn’t...  it should.   If the inside of your home doesn’t create the soft, hushed relaxing feeling that you know you’ve always wanted perhaps it’s the right season to realize your dream for your home. After all, you will be spending more and more time in it as the weather continues to cool down.

Yes, it can be daunting to do it all.  But if nothing else, re-working just one room in your home that speaks your language of relaxation and comfort can make a huge difference in your life.

The best thing about life is that tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities for growth and love. While we can’t control much of the good and bad things that will happen in our lives, there are so many things we can control. Our attitude is on top of that list of things and with it we can conquer many things. And for all the obtainable possibilities that exist in this realm, I am thankful.

Have a wonderful week filled with fresh starts.

PS. I found what I think might be the ugliest pumpkin… ever.

I was mesmerized and for some reason I was compelled to buy it. I started thinking that it deserved to be beautiful just like the rest of us.

So, I am dreaming up my next project. I am seeing some metallic white paint with gold accents in its future.  LOL.   I will keep you posted with what I come up with for this scary pumpkin.   I am open to ideas!