What will you FALL into?

September 4, 2018

It’s September 4th...and although we have a little bit of summer left, it certainly feels like the beginning of Fall.  Football games, leaves starting to fall (at least at my place), and the promise of something new as this next season begins to unfold.




A new beginning always sounds exciting.    So, what shall we FALL into?

 Hmm, things can FALL into place.   We can FALL into something new and wonderful.  And perhaps better yet, we can FALL back into LOVE.  

I find it interesting that there are many parallels to falling back in love with a significant other and the other big relationship in our lives, our home.


Whether you’ve been in your house (or in a relationship) for five years, ten or twenty, it can start to feel stale after a while.   Especially if you don’t continually work at it.    

You might find yourself dreaming about a newer more beautiful home (insert significant other if it applies.)    But we all know that the grass always looks greener on the other side.  


Any home  (insert interchangeable noun) will start to feel stale and boring after a while if we are not committed to making a few simple changes now and again to breathe life into our most important relationships.

Right now is the perfect time to rekindle your relationship to get ready for a fabulously cozy winter hibernation.  Any or all of these ideas might be just what you need to FALL back into love with your home.


 Look at your home from another angle

It’s time to begin appreciating the good things about your home.   Sometimes the answer isn’t about abandoning the ship...the answer generally lies in gaining a new perspective.


Skip the negative and focus on the greatness of your home.  What made you fall in love with it in the first place?  

Gain An Outside View

Sometimes you can’t see all the potential of your home without the keen eye of an expert.   If there weren’t the need for therapists (interior decorators), well, there would be no such thing, right?    

So take advantage of the complimentary consultations that are always available to you and yours through the K. Renee Team.  


When our stylists walk through your front door for the first time, all they are doing is focusing on where the greatness potentially lies and how they can give you guidance to get there.  

Select a new signature scent

Scent influences our mood, how long we want to stay in a room and is vital to our feelings of well-being.   Candles, diffusers and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies add inviting scents into our homes.  


They make us happier.  This fall, choose a candle or diffuser and make it your spaces signature scent for the season and set the mood for love.

Do something fresh

Flip through your favorite home magazine, and you will always see the beautiful rooms adorned with flowers.   Why?   Because they make any place feel better and brighter.   And they are a lovely indulgence.    



Flowers are also romantic.    Remember the feeling of receiving an unexpected beautiful bouquet of flowers from someone that made your heart beat fast?   No matter where the flowers come from - yourself or another - they just have good vibes!   Who doesn’t need more of that?

 Make it shiny

 I love it when my house is sparkly clean...like the day I moved in!   I have been noticing the outside of my windows and how dirty they are from all the dust and rain.    Which means it is high time to get it done.  


Seeing our homes when everything is clean and uncluttered can really change our perception of the space.   I liken this feeling to seeing a gentleman all dressed up for a special occasion in a well-tailored suit.   Hmmm.  Yep.  Nothing better.

Let go of the past

To fall back in love with your home, you must let go of things from the past.   If you don’t need it, use it or love it, it falls into the clutter category.   If that sounds too tough, start by removing that one large and potentially bulky piece that you don’t like.  



I promise your whole space will feel brighter and freer and will help you set the tone for your journey into the future.

Add Some Spice

There are some simple ways to add some spice to your life.    Throw away those old pillows on your sofa and replace them with new ones and a sultry throw.  


Take your current bedding to the guest room and create a new oasis of beauty in yours. Replace the old and tired art pieces on your walls with ones that lift your spirit.  Get something that speaks to your senses.  



It will go a long way to making your home less dreary and a bit more exciting.   


Date your home

Many times when we don’t like something, we run from it.   I have had a few friends that used to compulsively prefer to be out and about because they didn't enjoy being in their home.   It just didn’t feel good, cozy or comfortable for one reason or another.  


So instead, intentionally spend a few evenings at home.. cooking, creating, relaxing or just being.   By doing this, you will zero in on what might be really meaningful to update to help rekindle your home relationship.   And then...


Do a Make-Over



We all need to freshen up a bit now and again...and the same is true for your home.  Start with just one space - little or big - and then feel the shift in your attitude toward your home as you begin to realize all if its full potential.  


Many times creating a new look for one room is all it takes to get you headed in the right direction.


Share it with friends and family

A home should be a place where memories are built.   As you begin to rekindle your home romance, invite others over to help fill your home with more love and warmth.


 When we invite others to our home it also motivates us to get things that need to get done, done... 

Yesterday, I had a puppy play date with some friends, and I was up early to go get some Mums for my deck and to blow away all the wet leaves that had accumulated on my deck.


Sorry (not sorry) for the gratuitous puppy picture.

 Of course, I had to clean up a bit on the inside and make it look shiny new.    It always feels good to put your best foot forward and to invite people into your space!!   

I promise, if you love your home, it will love you back.  

Have a wonderful week.   Cheers to FALLING into something wonderful!