Everything You Need To Beat The Chill

September 24, 2018

I woke up Saturday morning and experienced the first chill of the season. I am sure you have noticed the dark mornings and early dusk. Autumn is here. There are a million reasons to love the season...hayrides, cozy nights by the fire, pumpkin carving... and while all those things have a special place in my heart...most women (including myself) will say that Fall Fashion is their absolute favorite part!

Despite this great love,  I really (I mean really) dislike being cold! So today I am going to share with you everything you’re gonna need to keep you warm while still looking hot!

Beat the Chill:   Take advantage of the opportunity to layer up!

In the colder days ahead, layering is not only stylish but a necessity of our day-to-day lives. Layers actually trap air in between them, which in turn insulates us from the chill, but we can also peel them on and off as needed!  

In the fall while we are transitional dressing, who doesn’t need an oversized cardigan that you can throw over everything?



Personally, I think layering not only serves the function of keeping us warm but is what can make clothing looking both interesting and flattering! I love noticing great street style in not only Des Moines but other cities for new and exciting ways to layer and pair different clothing items.

Beat the Chill: Let’s consider the turtleneck

Oh, how I will welcome you back into my wardrobe. The turtleneck is a universally flattering piece of clothing that can be lightweight or a bit bulky. A lightweight turtleneck can be layered underneath a spring or summer dress to help you transition easily from one season to next.   

I also have to admit I love to have my neck wrapped in fabric...somehow I feel powerful and a bit mysterious.   And to be blatantly honest, it tightens up a neck that is showing signs of age.

Luckily the demure quality of a turtleneck has a bit of sex appeal and we can celebrate bringing them back to life in our wardrobe.






Beat The Chill: Coats and Jackets

Jackets are one of the chicest transitional ways to beat the chill.     A fail-safe coverup is the leather biker jacket.


The silver dome studs are layered along the seams and add a touch of edge to this classical style jacket from L’agence.   You can easily throw it over a tee or dress for an additional layer of warmth! Really a jacket like this is functional for 3-seasons - fall, winter, and spring - making it a great investment.







Then there is nothing better than simply throwing on a sleeveless jacket for a little extra warmth at an outdoor event (think football games and soccer matches.) I love this shrunken-fit puffer vest with a high-shine, patent finish.  So fun and functional!









A jacket with a timeless herringbone pattern has a wear-forever appeal and is so easy to throw on for work or casual.   For a bit of extra warmth when needed, zip in a Dickey for a totally new look!  






And what about the ease of a hooded poncho?   Yes, please.    They are like having a stylish blanket to wrap around you when there is a chill in the air.    Great for sporting events, evenings outside and really anytime the wind has a little more chill then we can handle.   This particular hooded poncho can be adjusted with the self-tie belt and is made from double-faced wool-cashmere.  Sure to be a classic in your wardrobe.





I am a jacket lover for sure and I could go on and on with the wonderful pieces that keep showing up at the store...but it is time to move on the one of Fall's greatest pleasure, the boot.

 Beat the Chill:   Warm your soles


Boots, boots, boots. These are the shoes that are going to keep your feet toasty and offer you some great styling opportunities to pep up your wardrobe.  

This season boots come in all shapes, shades, and fabrics.   We can pair them with skirts, dresses or slacks or wear them with skinny jeans and leggings!

The other advantage that Fall brings back to us is being able to add a tight to our wardrobe which makes it easier to wear boots with shorter skirts and dresses.








While some of you might be a fan of your bare legs, I am not!     And in the fall (and winter), I enjoy nothing more than pairing an above-the-knee skirt or dress with a pair of tights and an over-the-knee boot!  

I am loving this little black stretch velvet skirt adorned with sparkling buttons.   Easily paired with booties or over-the-knee boots!





So let's also answer the age-old question...white after Labor Day? 


We can put to rest to one of fashion's greatest myths by noticing the resurgence of white boots for fall.   Actually, stark white makes the perfect contrast to any cool-weather ensemble.






Just like your classic black ankle boots, these stark white counterparts are proving to be just as versatile. 

Lisa wears hers with a graphic lightweight sleeveless pantsuit.   She falls it up by pairing it with a t-shirt underneath and a white puffer jacket with an asymmetric neckline.    So cute!









Theory pairs white boots with a great pair of cobalt blue trousers and a lightweight graphically patterned turtleneck!

I remember wearing white patent go-go boots when I was quite young!    It is fun to see this retro look playfully comeback into style for us big kids.






Although it is warm again outside today as I write this blog...the heat is going to be short-lived and it is time to layer up!    This time of year is always so exciting at the store as box after box of new fall styles arrives. And I am ready to stylishly beat the chill this year!   How about you?


Have a wonderful week!