Emily's Refresh and Renew Plan of Attack

January 29, 2018


 By Emily Powell, K. Renee Event Producer & Stylist

The beginning of each year is filled with excitement, expectations and a slew of New Years Resolutions aka casual promises to myself that I’m under no legal obligation to fulfill.

HOWEVER, I do my best to make a list of personal goals, or habits I would like to work towards in the new year.  Generally, I’m very dedicated and strict in the beginning and by March, let’s be real-February 1st  - I’m falling back into old patterns.  Not this time!

This year, I’m really trying to introduce small tasks and self-care into my daily routine so that it becomes habit and not another failed New Year resolution.  For example, making a veggie, fruit, and protein packed smoothie every morning getting a head-start on summer body goals and a healthier me.  I’ve stayed successful on this by preparing my smoothies the night before.  The fact that I actually enjoy drinking them makes it a bit easier.  


So tasty!  I also schedule at least a half hour a day to do something special for myself; things like at home facials, hair treatments, dry brushing or painting my nails.   


I actually have a calendar alert that goes off on my phone as a reminder.


I also do this for drinking enough water and set an alarm every 2 hours that reminds me to finish my water bottle and refill.

Another resolution (on-going goal) is to organize and edit every room in my home, including my expansive closet so that I can live in a state of harmony and relaxation when I get home instead of having a never-ending list of all of the things I still need and want to do. 

This can seem like a daunting task.  But to simplify the process I have decided to incorporate some of the ideas that I’ve learned at K.Renee over the past few months...and in particular a room-by-room approach.   Instead of tackling everything and getting nothing done, my focus will be to organize, then edit and style each room and when I feel satisfied that it’s done I will move on to the next.  

Getting a room completely done gives me a sense of accomplishment instead of feeling like every room is half done.   

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned and the unique service that we offer at K. Renee is our ability to transform a home space completely.   Our clients get the opportunity to step into their home like they have never seen it before - beautifully styled from top to bottom and everything in between.  Our clients are not left to hunt for the perfect pillows for their sofa or the accessories needed to complete a mantle or bookshelves.  


Now on to my closet.  I want to be able to step into it day after day and be excited and in love with each and every piece of clothing I own.    

So again, it is time to organize and edit.   I know that when I get rid of all the extras in my closet (clothes, shoes, and accessories) that I don't feel excited to wear, I will significantly reduce the stress of figuring out what to wear.      As one of the youngest (and newest) members of the style team at K. Renee,  I’ve learned (and experienced) firsthand the importance of investing in high-quality timeless pieces and outfits that you can count on and wear year after year and, more importantly,  feel excited to put on.  


Gone are my days of buying a random 'cute' top and hoping I have something to wear it with! 

I have also experienced the importance of creating a full look or outfit as well as choosing versatile pieces that can be worn with multiple outfits. I am now practicing what I preach as a wardrobe stylist and taking the time to sort through all of my own clothes- item by item - and getting rid of pieces that I never wear.    I guarantee that my morning routine will be so much more streamlined and I will feel closer to my best self!

Going through my own closet has been a great exercise and actually gave me clues as to what I might need to add to improve my current wardrobe.  There are certain types of pieces that I always gravitate towards and find myself making endless stylish combinations...I want more of those!    What am I wanting these days?

Neutral Knits

I love a good neutral oversized sweater that I can wear with leggings, layer over a dress or tuck in a skirt.

Leather Jacket

This goes without saying but the opportunities are endless for a great leather jacket and one of the best finishers to any look - dressy or casual.   It can be worn over a dress, with jeans, slacks, really anything and is seasonless.  Winter, spring, summer or fall!  

Black Leggings

I definitely get my cost per wear out of leggings because I wear them with tops, tunics, sweaters-every-thing.   They are truly one of the easiest pieces in my closet with the biggest style impact.

White Tee

Wear it as is, with a jacket,  with a tank layered overtop.   A great fitting white tee is a staple layering piece in my closet for sure!

Denim Jacket

While a denim jacket (above) is great for weekend casual, you can still dress them up by pairing them with dresses, patterned slacks, and skirts.  

I am determined to complete my refresh and renew attack on both my home and my closet.   It will set me up for a great 2018...the small changes that I am making are not so overwhelming that they won't get done and I am having fun with the process.    

I am also having a blast in my new position at K. Renee.   Joining the style team just four months ago, I already feel like we have accomplished so much from style events to several incredible home transformations.  Each day, we challenge ourselves to bring the best that style has to offer to all of our clients whether that be in the clothing or home store.    I've met many of you but look forward to meeting and working on your own refresh and renew goals.

Have a great week.   See you soon.