Effortless Style. Why Not?

March 22, 2015

I just got back from a spring break trip to Mexico with my daughter and about 100 of her closest friends. As she enjoyed her senior trip with her friends, I spent an abundance of my time people watching at our resort.

I have to say that one of my favorite past times when I travel is to 'people watch'.   I am always on the outlook for those people who possess an effortless style.   You know the ones… they always seem to have their look pulled together without seeming to bat an eye.   It not only intrigues me but also inspires me!   Think Lauren Hutton…

What I have found is that the women that look the most spectacular (whether they are at the pool or waiting to board a plane) are the ones that just don’t seem to be trying too hard to look good and as a result they look GREAT.

Just what are the skills that a woman  possesses to appear fabulous, yet seemingly blasé?   Here’s what I think.

They buy what they love.

So, what does this really mean? When you find a piece of clothing that you love it sparks a feeling of joy.   And with that joy, you just feel that much better about how you look.   My sister-in-law bought this Rachel Zoe dress for our trip  (she came to Mexico with me to help keep me sane for our Senior trip adventure)

Not only did she look great in it… but we talked about the many ways this dress could be used.   With a pair of heels it becomes a dress to wear to dinner and with flip-flops… an amazing cover up at the pool.   Because she loves it… she looked like a million bucks and it will become a go-to in her closet for effortless style!

They know their body.

Every season, we are faced with new styles and trends. And some things play well with a slim figure while other work great for a curvy figure like mine. While I love a full feminine skirt, it works much better on a slimmer frame.    I know that a sheath or more tailored look suit me better. I love this Nicole Miller white linen stretch dress.   It hugs in all the right places.

Do you know what works best for you?   That is one of the reasons that we invite you into our store to try on lots of different looks to really discover what looks great on you. You might be surprised by what looks great on you.

They mix trend with classics.

Women with effortless style tend to wear classics that are pulled together in a unique way.   I am loving the trend of silk jogging pants. They offer not only comfort but such an easy, sophisticated style.   How great does she look in this classic summer weight jacket and heels paired with silk jogger pants?

I wore a pair of these traveling with a pair of sandals and a classic white t-shirt… it was a comfortable but polished way to make my way to Cancun.

They let go of the notion of perfect.

Let’s face it. Trying to look perfect is a waste of time and effort. Over sprayed hair and intense makeup is not fooling anyone. The trick is to look like you are not trying too hard.   One of my favorite current icons for effortless style is Olivia Palermo. All you have to do is google her name and up will come hundreds of examples and images of her great style.

One of my all time favorite examples of letting go of the notion of perfect is her wedding outfit.   Her hair is not perfect, her shoes don’t match (oh my) and she is wearing a classic sweater and a lace skirt.   Who would have thought?   I think she looks absolutely stunning and personifies effortless style.

They wear lots of neutrals.

White, ivory, black and grey are generally the base of an effortless look. You can always add a pop of color in an accessory or a layer allowing it to stand out and become the focus of your look.    Personally, I don’t think there is anything boring about neutrals.   Take this Veronica Beard top in black and white. I just love it and wish I had brought it to Mexico!

They accessorize. 

 A bold necklace and a few bangles (as above) on your wrist take what might be nice to simply amazing.   Accessories are essential to making your personal style seem effortless because it adds layers.  A great pair of sunglasses or adding a scarf can be a great finishing piece to a look.    As they say, the devil is in the details and so is effortlessness.

And last, but not least...

They have confidence.

Unfortunately, confidence can’t be faked… or at least not very well.   As my sister in law reminded me on our trip... how I am feeling about myself translates into how I look.   When I am a bit off, so is everything I wear.   And when I am on, there is no stopping me.   Our confidence is the first thing people notice when we walk into a room and is what makes us the beautiful people that we are no matter our age, our weight, or our story.

You are beautiful and so am I.   We must always remember that no matter what is going on... we are resilient, capable and worthy.   If you need a little confidence boost, we’d love to help you with your own effortless style.   It’s what we love to do at K. Renee.

I’d like to personally invite each of you to our Lafayette 148 trunk show this Thursday, March 26th through Saturday, March 28th.

The Lafayette 148 New York’s spring and summer collection is designed for the modern woman and her multi-faceted lifestyle.   Their enduring designs are known for their quality and exceptional fit.   At our  trunk show, you will be able to see samples of their spring and summer collection (click here for a few more pictures) …as well as have access to size samples for the perfect fit.

Have a wonderful and effortless week!