Don't Do Math In A Bathing Suit

July 2, 2018

Wow.   What a weekend, right?     Scorching heat and then a rain downpour that will surely go down in history.

I won’t forget it!     I was having a quiet dinner with some girlfriends at Alba and as we were heading into the end of the evening sheets of rain began.    


No problem, we just ordered dessert, surely the rain would let up.    But it just didn’t stop.     So, we decided to take a short jog in the rain to get to our cars three plus blocks away.     


Off came the shoes (had to protect those) and away we went.    Actually, it was a lot of fun.    I can’t remember the last time I frolicked in the rain (or ever in such a downpour.) 

Unbeknownst to us at the time, this storm was extraordinarily dangerous to have been on the road during that time.     While we all got home safely without any difficulty, I soon learned the extent of the damage and danger that affected so many people in our community.    


Basements, buildings, cars that were taken away by the waters and so much more.   Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of you adversely affected by the flood of 2018.   

It’s a holiday week, so I thought that given the weekend events and the upcoming festivities that my blog should be a little more to the light-hearted side. Most of you know that I have always believed in the psychology of fashion and all the potential power that we can harness from it.  

Last week, while doing some research for some upcoming image workshops that I will be doing for a few companies, I stumbled up a book, “Mind What You Wear: The Psychology of Fashion” by Professor Karen J. Pine.  



It poses the question “Can what you wear really change your life?”    And yes, it actually can.     But the meat and potatoes of that content are for another day.   Today, I thought I would share with you some of the fun factoids that I found inside my gem of a book.   

Did you know that women do worse at math when wearing a swimsuit?   LOL.   What a study, right?   But it seems that our mental state becomes self-deprecating when wearing a swimsuit and our performance declines because of it!


Moral of the story?    Don’t do Sudoku puzzles at the pool on Wednesday.    And when we don’t like how we look in something, it steals from our mental resources.   



One of the other fun things in the book was a chapter called: Don’t wear don’t care.

And it talks about how today's culture has elevated the art of dressing down.    But at what cost?   I think this clip from a classic Seinfeld says it all: 



Oh, how I miss the sharp humor of Seinfeld.  The moral of this story?   Research has shown that when people are dressed up, they describe themselves in a stronger way (neat, strategic, etc) and when dressed down less so (laid back, clumsy, etc.).    Unconsciously, our clothing affects our inner mood.

Bottom line, what you wear is what you become.   And what if what you wear could give you super-powers?



A study was also done to test this theory.     A group of students were split into three test groups.  Each group was asked to participate in a series of tests.   One group wore a Superman t-shirt, another a plain blue t-shirt, and the last in their regular clothing (as the control group.) 

The scores for the group wearing a Superman t-shirt were significantly higher (72%) whereas those wearing their own clothing (64%).    FASCINATING, RIGHT?

I could go on and on about this topic!   And I will someday soon.    But keeping to the light-hearted side of things, let’s turn to the 4th of July...What will you be serving or bringing to whatever holiday party that you are attending?   

If you don’t have an idea, here is mine.    I have been itching to Bombpop some Champagne.   How easy, cute and festive is this?    



This treat is as easy as it looks... a red, white and blue bomb pop dropped into your favorite sparkling beverage and garnished with a sparkler.   Given how hot it is supposed to be...I think this is just perfect. 

Happy Birthday America!


Perhaps our independence and freedom to choose means more to me now than ever before.  



Stay safe this week and enjoy spending time with family and friends,